Know the leading causes of stress to fight them off


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Know what stresses you and find ways to manage and cope with these stressors.

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Know the leading causes of stress to fight them off

  1. 1. Know the Leading Causes of Stress to Fight Them Off Euanne Lynne
  2. 2. Know the Leading Causes of Stress to Fight Them OffStress is considered to be the number one health killer nowadays. When youare stressed out from the many problems you encounter, this can heightenother illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, cancer, and insomnia, amongothers. It can also make you unfocused, annoyed and angry at all times, andmakes you arrive at poor decisions on certain matters. It can ruin yourrelationships with people around you and may even make you want to endyour life.In order to prevent being stressed, you should be aware of the leading causesof stress. One factor is financial problems. When you are not earning enoughand bills are piling up, you cannot help but worry about how to make endsmeet in order to survive. A lot of couples always argue excessively whenfinances are not enough for the family.One of the leading causes of stress is also work at the office. When there arebig projects of your office which you are in charge of, this can trigger worriesand anxiety. When you and your boss are not in good terms, this can also addto your problems. If you hear that you are likely to get terminated, this can bea big stressor.Relationships with your spouse, your sweetheart, and your children can also beone of the leading causes of stress. When you are fighting with your spouse oryour boyfriend or girlfriend, this can make you sad and problematic at thesame time. When you are encountering a problem with your children such aspoor grades or vices, you cannot help but feel anxious about this. When yourparents are about to get a divorce, this can also add to your worries.One of the leading causes of stress is also health-related problems. When youlearn that you are suffering from serious illnesses, this can give you muchreason to worry. You even experience sleeplessness because you constantlythink about what will happen to you and how will your sickness affect thefamily.In order to relieve you from stress, experts advise yoga, meditation, physicalworkouts, healthy diet, relaxation, and unwinding. You can also continuouslypress stress balls as this can relieve tension in your hands. Carefully manageyour time so that you will have enough time for your family, work, friends andyourself. Travel to a new place, get an aromatherapy massage, try a new hobbyor sport, and go on a shopping spree. You can also buy something beautiful foryour house or spray aromatherapy air freshener in your room. Chew gumconstantly because this also relieves Page 2
  3. 3. Know the Leading Causes of Stress to Fight Them OffAlthough these are but short-term remedies, a long-term solution would be toconfront the person or issue that gives you stress and talk about and analyzethe problem objectively. As much as possible, minimize the emotion orreaction you have towards the stressor. Regular exercise and proper diet canhelp you control your feelings. A constant visit to your psychologist or apsychiatrist can also help so that they can give you proper advice andmedication if necessary. For further resources on how to conquer stress, depression and anxiety naturally and permanently, visit or We have a Free Report waiting for you! Page 3