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EMMA Summer School - Jorge Civera - Sharing the EMMA experience: lessons learned


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These two sessions will provide an opportunity to hear about the experiences of EMMA MOOC providers in their first year of operation. Find out what worked – and what didn’t work – during the first year’s offer of MOOCs on EMMA.

This presentation was given during the EMMA Summer School, that took place in Ischia (Italy) on 4-11 July 2015.

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EMMA Summer School - Jorge Civera - Sharing the EMMA experience: lessons learned

  1. 1. Sharing the EMMA experience: lessons learned Jorge Civera Wednesday 8th July, 2015
  2. 2. Lessons learned at UPV • UPV published MOOCs in Google+, MiriadaX, OpenEdX and now in EMMA and EdX • UPV MOOCs are xMOOCs: Search on the Internet and Excel 2010 for EMMA • No problem to manually insert video and text content. – But UPV used to insert content automatically into MOOC platforms • Not all assignment formats were supported – Adaptation of assignments was required • From Forums to Conversations – Lecturers used to find learners’ comments in a single location (Forum) – Comments in EMMA are distributed at the level of Course, Lesson and Unit • Review effort for transcriptions and translations must not be underestimated – Spanish transcription: Real-Time Factor (RTF) 2.7 – Spanish→English translation: RTF 8.9 • Transcription and translation review must start well before the course is open UPV - EMMA experience 2 / 3
  3. 3. Thank you for your attention! UPV - EMMA experience 3 / 3