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Beyond Basic Targeting

  1. Beyond Basic Targeting Building your Nurture Targeting Strategy and proving real ROI Edward Unthank Founder, Etumos
  2. Page 2 #MKTGNATION Agenda Build better nurture targeting Translate personas and pain points into stage-specific nurture tracks Prove the ROI of your targeting
  3. Page 3 #MKTGNATION Download All The Things! Lots of things to write down? Here is where you can get all the resources!
  4. Page 4 #MKTGNATION Fundamentals AUTOMATED: Build a machine that runs and routes automatically, performing better over time HYPOTHESIS-DRIVEN: Targeting to increase conversion rates, not for the sake of making content ROBUST AND SCALABLE: Doesn‘t break, grows with the team, doesn‘t require daily maintenance
  5. Page 5 #MKTGNATION Each message has to hit the sweet spot to teach & accelerate What leads want to do What we want them to do TEACHES + ACCELERATES
  6. Page 6 #MKTGNATION Revenue Flow Testing The best way to create hypothesis is with numbers that matter: revenue model metrics. MAL MQL SAL SQL INDUSTRY AVERAGE 7% 50% 25% 33% MAL MQL SAL SQL YOUR ORGANIZATION 3% 50% 25% 33% 3%
  7. Page 7 #MKTGNATION Revenue Flow Testing HYPOTHESIS: More targeted nurture by pain point will increase content consumption and therefore increase the MAL -> MQL conversion rate for targeted individuals. MAL MQL SAL SQL INDUSTRY AVERAGE 7% 50% 25% 33% MAL MQL SAL SQL YOUR ORGANIZATION 3% 50% 25% 33%
  8. Page 8 #MKTGNATION Nurture Targeting Strategies SCALABLE Buyer Persona Use Case Product Interest Pain Point NOT SCALABLE Campaigns Timely Events Executive‘s Whim
  9. Page 9 #MKTGNATION Key Elements to Automated Nurture GENERIC DISCOVERY TRACK: Learn what prospects are interested in PROFILING PROGRAM: Categorical scoring of your content TRAFFIC DIRECTOR: Routing people to the best-fit engagement program
  10. Page 10 #MKTGNATION How it Fits Together DISCOVERY TRACK ResearchAwareness Consideration PRODUCT INTEREST 1 / PAIN POINT 1 Buyer persona A Buyer persona B PRODUCT INTEREST 2 / PAIN POINT 2 Buyer persona A Buyer persona B
  11. Page 11 #MKTGNATION Profiling Programs: It Works! Category A Category B Category C???? 32 100 P.T ARBITRARY TRESHOLD WINNER!
  12. Page 12 #MKTGNATION Profiling Programs: Four Levels of Score Bronze Gold Silver Platinum
  13. Page 13 #MKTGNATION Marketo Flow Walkthrough
  14. Page 14 #MKTGNATION Traffic Director Place in Engagement Program Move to different Engagement Program Stop in Engagement Programs
  15. Page 15 #MKTGNATION Random Cohort Assignment
  16. Page 16 #MKTGNATION Takeaways Eyes on the prize: scalable revenue Build a machine that you can improve without rework Test strategic targeting, don‘t blindly accept it
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