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Here you will discover who we are and how we can help you improving your management processes.

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General presentation

  1. 1. Let’s grow together
  2. 2. nPla Historique Quelques chiffres Produits et services Références
  3. 3. ry stoHi 2011 · lobal turnover 18 G 000 000 € +1 +1 Etilux is the story of a family business 1972 1987 1990 2000 2003 which has been developing its activities for 40 years 4 offices In Belgium Liège-Brussels-Gent In Luxembourg Oberpallen
  4. 4. Identification, Adhesive Audiovisual Officelabelling marking packaging solutions supplies· RFID solutions · MRO solutions · Sale renting · Computer· MRO solutions · Bonding solutions · Project managements · Office· AIDC solutions · hipment packaging S · Printed consumables solutions A complete and integrated solution Our added value : that meets your needs · A broad range of branded products At the beginning, Etilux sold labels. Then, listening to its · A high quality service partners‘ needs, the company has extended its range · The expertise of our workers of products and services: new trends detection, new technologies research,… We offer assistance, advice, help for decision-making , technical audit training. Lets improve your processes ! ts Products Tailor-made produc Projects Maintenance
  5. 5. g kin mar g bellin la N, IO ICAT TIF gID EN RFID NS AIDC NS Labellin NS S OLUTIO S OLUTIO SOLUT IO Radio frequency Barcode and labelling Industrial, technical identification solutions promotional labels Our RFID team realizes your RFID “Etilux Systems” meets your identi- Label production and distribution traceability projects fication needs to identify and mark is our core business. your products and to improve your We make labels adapted to your logistic flows needs: printing, material, adhesive ··RFID traceability projects management and sizes. ··RFID inlays encapsulation ··Scanners and printers sale ·· RFID labels and tags available from stock ·· omplete marking and coding solution C ··Standard or tailor-made products ··Middleware development ··ERP development and integration ··Neutral / personalizable label ··Site survey Wi-Fi solution ·· abels on sheets/ on rolls L or fanfolded labels ··Installation maintenance ··Engraving on plastic, metal, ... ··Marking warehouse ··Signage
  6. 6. g gin ka pac ves ance ngAdhesi Mainten NS Bonding NS Packagi NS IO IO IO SOLUT SOLUT SOLUT Maintenance Industrial Shipment and and repair adhesives packaging Etilux distributes 3M and TESA Thanks to its experience in Active in distance selling for products, specialized in MRO industrial adhesives, our team 40 years, Etilux offers you a wide helps you to choose the bonding range of shipment and packaging ··Security products system adapted to your needss products: ··Abrasives ··Adhesives applicators ··Printed adhesive tapes ··Industrial cleaning products ··Standard adhesive tapes ··Packaging machines ··High performance tapes ··Film and palletisation ··Envelopes and pouches
  7. 7. utions sol al visu dio sual al udiovisu SAu Audiovi NS A IO CT SOLUT PRODU Project management Sale renting Our technicians manage the Our teams helps you to choose complete integration of your the products adapted to your conference room image ··Conference room installation ··Public address system ·· onference room / language laboratory C ·· rofessional video material P integration (camcorders,…) ··Digital display system public address ··Projection material ··Audiovisual furniture ··Audiovisual service
  8. 8. S LIE PP E SU FIC rintedOF r / office / p compute NS IO SOLUT Computer consumables personalised printed forms Etilux distributes the big brands of computer consumables. We also take care of the printing of your projects on a wide range of materials. ··Cartridges - toners ··Back up material ··Printing service ··A4 labels ··Ribbons
  9. 9. 31 years of experience and trustTo guarantee a quality service, our‘export’ department meets therequests coming from around theworld in 6 languages: French, English,Dutch, German, Spanish and Italian.Etilux has developed a strong expe-rience in international transport andlogistics.· 7% of the turnover made 3 by the export department.· Export in 40 countries.
  10. 10. ICWEB TRAFF± 30 000 thvisitors/mon ±5.000 pages day page views/ .COM All our products in a few clicks 2008 new Internet website launching, an E-business launch pad but, at the same time, a show case of our wide range of services that point up the know- how developed by Etilux over the years. Join our community
  11. 11. Our references To discover our projects in detail, do not hesitate to consult our presentations: “solutions” on slideshare or on YOU ?
  12. 12. Let’s grow together