What is Social Enterprise? Expert Peter Holbrook explains


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Social Enterprise is a model where organisations make money to plough back in to an enterprise which has a social or environmental benefit. It is of particular value for non-governmental-organisations which are looking for ways of becoming independent from government funding. In New Zealand it is still a relatively new concept. It is far more developed in Britain where Peter Holbrook is the CEO of Social Enterprise UK. This presentation was delivered to a Christchurch audience at the Office of Ethnic Affairs' EthnicA conference in May 2012.

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  • WHO ARE THEY? ‘Beneficiaries’, ‘users’, ‘clients’ ; Career changers (corporate; public sector); Young people / graduates; Silver radicals; Third sector professionals and volunteers; Everyone? What do we look for? (personal) Responsibility; Prone to action / not risk-averse; Innovative / creative; Visionary: have clear mission; Pragmatic; Persistent / committed; Resourceful / adaptable / opportunistic; + Engagement with community they are aiming to serve
  • What is Social Enterprise? Expert Peter Holbrook explains

    1. 1. Peter HolbrookSocial Enterprise UK
    2. 2. CoursesInfantmassageToddler andtantrumtoolkitGrowingpainsAll changeWhatever!BricSpeakeasyDrugproofyour kids
    3. 3. “We need to recognise thefull potential that socialenterprise has. It’s not justabout helping to tackle socialproblems at the communitylevel; it’s about mainstreambusinesses delivering publicservices with a distinctivefocus on quality, serving thecommunity, and employeepride. You showed us thatsocial enterprises are not justcreating social good, butcreating jobs andopportunity.”
    4. 4. P3 working with re offenders
    5. 5. P3 working with re offenders
    6. 6. Our definition:Organisations whose stated primary objective is to achieve social impact rather thangenerating profit for owners and shareholders.
    7. 7. - What is a social entrepreneur? R B A social entrepreneur is someone who works in an entrepreneurial manner, but V E for primarily social benefit. Driven by a social mission, they aim to address unmet needs to improve people’s lives.- What is a social enterprise? U N A social enterprise is a business with primarily social objectives, whose N O surpluses are reinvested in the business or in the community, rather than being driven by the need to maximise profit for shareholders or owners.
    8. 8. Together with our members we are the voicefor social enterprise. We do research, provideinformation and tools, share knowledge, build networks, raise awareness and campaign to create a business environment where social enterprises can thrive.
    9. 9. Representing: 10’s of 000s social enterprises A network of 9000 businesses 600 voting members An elected council of 46 A majority elected board of 12£24-54bn to the UK economy 1 million staff
    10. 10. The role of social enterprises, charities and co- operatives in our public services will be enhanced.Policy Trends
    11. 11. Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012Establishing ‘social value’ principles inpublic procurement UK = £216bn/yr on procurement
    12. 12. P3 working with re offenders
    13. 13. Examples of joint working co-commissioningand social enterprise
    14. 14. Examples of joint working co-commissioning and social enterpriseEdwin Bronsi Mensala; founder: Give me tap
    15. 15. Kamara Bennett: ‘Sewyour own’Examples ofjoint working co-commissioning andsocial enterprise
    16. 16. Kevin Cheung; Founder: Foodcyclejointworking co-commissioning
    17. 17. Examples of joint working co-commissioningand social enterprise
    18. 18. Coin Street Community Buildrers
    19. 19. 68,000 social enterprises:39% based in deprived areas58% grew last year compared to 28% ofSME’s57% predict growth next yearMore diverse: 80%have at least 1 womandirector, 28% have a BME director75% actively involve beneficiaries
    20. 20. Management is doing thingsright; leadership is doing theright thingsPeter F Drucker
    21. 21. www.socialenterprise.org.uk Twitter: @SocEnt_UK @peteholbrook