Race Relations Day - Charity Art Auction - 2013


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Catalogue for the Charity Art Auction being held in Wellington for Race Relations Day 2013.

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Race Relations Day - Charity Art Auction - 2013

  1. 1. Charity Art Auction Race Relations Day 21st March 2013 Exhibitions Gallery
  2. 2. In New Zealand, March 21, 2013, Race Relations Day has become a time forreflection, discussion and celebration. The Office of Ethnic Affairs has takenthis year’s theme: ‘My Dream for Aotearoa New Zealand’ as an opportunityto showcase the achievements of some of our artists. Their dreams andvisions may help us look beyond the obvious, and enable us to recognisethe dilemmas and feelings of belonging or exclusion and of rememberingthe past and wondering about the future.The Office of Ethnic Affairs expresses its gratitude for the generosity andexpertise of gallery director Ron Epskamp. His help and guidance has madethis occasion possible.None of this would be possible without the generosity and creativity of theartists many of whom are with us tonight.Early Bids are welcomeYou may pre-bid on any of the artists work included in the catalogue.Please email us on ethnic.affairs@dia.govt.nz.
  3. 3. One More GameRoss JonesPrint Size: 72cm x 86 cmMedium: Limited edition fine art giclée print signed and numbered by the artistI’m drawn toward subjects that are everyday, or very special, occurrences in ourlives. I prefer to convey the story by adding just enough detail to the compositionthat I don’t oversell the idea. I invite the viewer to complete the story to draw theirown conclusions. For example: the suitcases and boat, is it a story of arrival ordeparture. Therefore, is it a happy or sad scene.I’m not interested in capturing precise scenes and certainly don’t regard myself asa painter of realism. I prefer to say that I paint part truths, or more specifically, the‘truth in parts’. I’m not interested in being a slave to reality.Frame donated by John Swan Picture Framers
  4. 4. Eternity Mervin Singham Size: 50cm x 75cm Medium: Mixed Framed value $500 - $750Mervin Singham brings to his work the vibrancy of his birthplace, Malaysia and hisheritages, Sri Lankan and Portuguese. He combines it with the observation of boththe everyday and the unexpected that he’s experienced in twenty five years in hisadopted homeland New Zealand. Memories and feelings are hidden in secrets andsymbols which closer examination will start to uncover.He works with oils, acrylic, charcoal, crayons, and anything else to hand. His workis both spontaneous and carefully planned in turn. Everyday items he finds aresometimes included to add memories and feelings.Mervin says: ‘My experience as a migrant to New Zealand has enriched meimmeasurably. My important teachers are the everyday circumstances of life. Mypaintings are about ordinary and extraordinary people, circumstances and lives.Paradox has always been a strong element in my culture.’
  5. 5. Value $2,500 - $3,500A Trek Through WellingtonJulian KnapMedium: Limited edition giclee on canvas (ed. of 75)‘A Trek Through Wellington’ has become an iconic image in Wellington gracingmany public and private walls. Such is his attention to detail that Julian took twoyears to paint the original.A paper edition of 100 prints was released, initially retailing at $450, they quicklysold out and are now valued at $4,950The canvas edition we are auctioning is limited to 75 only, no other editions will bereleased once this run has sold out.Frame donated by John Swan Picture Framers.
  6. 6. Felton Matthews Writes About Pompallier Piera McArthur OMNZ Size: 76cm x 56cm Medium: Acrylic on marouflaged canvas Value $3,200 - $4,800Being recognised at Government House today was a morale boost for Wellingtonpainter Piera McArthur who says she spends ‘’48 hours a day’’ painting for the loveof it.She is among 120 people to be recognised at investiture ceremonies this week.Mrs McArthur became an officer of the New Zealand order of merit for her servicesto the arts.She said to be recognised was ‘’very moving’’ though the Governor-General puther completely at ease. ‘’It’s a great morale boost. It will keep me going until I falloff the boat. I love being a painter. I do it 48 hours a day. I do it with all my energyand heart and soul and love.’’Shabnam Dastgheib - Dominion Post Culture 03/05/2012
  7. 7. Photograph taken by Stan ChunStan ChanStan will be painting on the evening.Stan Chan practises and teaches traditional Chinese brush painting and calligraphy,as well as western oil and watercolour techniques. He studied art in Hong Kongand came to New Zealand in 1972 where he worked as an art director for manycorporations. In 1979, he set up his own studio as a full time artist and freelanceart director. He has participated in both group and solo exhibitions throughoutNew Zealand.Stan is a member of The NZ Academy of Fine Arts, Wellington Society ofWatercolour Artists, Wellington Art Club and NZ Oriental Arts Society. He hastaught at the Inverlochy Art School, Kapiti Coast Workers’ Educational Association(WEA) Inc., Wellington High School Community Education Centre, Hutt Art Society,Wellington Art Club, Karori Arts Centre, Masterton Art Society, Tauranga Art Centre,Warkworth Art Society and given painting demonstrations at art groups, schoolsand at Te Papa.
  8. 8. ‘We Used To Joke That Dad Should Put The Old Bomb In Reverse And Back Up The Hill’ Kevin Dunkley Size: 50cm x 40cm Medium: Oil on canvas Value $ 1,200 - $1,800Kevin spends much of his spare time listening to music and painting. ‘I love it’,says Kevin. ‘I started out not having a clue what to do or how to do it, but byexperimenting I have found a style I enjoy and I have become part of my paintings.They are a retro subconscious trip back to my childhood, when every Christmas thefamily would go on holiday and I would spend the six best weeks of the year. Thething was it took all day to get there and I would ignore all the untouched beautyof our country. All I wanted to do is get there and start my adventure.’‘Now I travel again – same journey, different roads.’Originally painting small houses isolated far in the distance, they have graduallymoved forward becoming more predominate. Soon the isolated cottage was joinedby other buildings and travelling caravans abound. This is a reflection of Kevin’spersonal growth, as he feels less isolation as someone new in the arts communityhis world expands on canvas as well.
  9. 9. WellingtonJ K Reed DFASize: 100cm x 756cmMedium: Oil on canvas Value $2,400 - $3,500J K Reed DFA is regarded as one of New Zealand’s leading landscape watercolourist,with works sold throughout Australasia and the United States of America. Whenonly sixteen he held his first exhibition in which three-quarters of the worksdisplayed were sold. His calendar series, depicting street scenes around the worldare held by collectors including President Bill Clinton, Helen Clark and Jenny Shipley.
  10. 10. Value $490 - $750Sylvester McMonkey McBeanDr SeussSize: 27.9cm x 38.1cmMedium: Lithograph on Somerset Paper - Authorized Estate EditionAdapted posthumously from the illustration for the 1961 book, The Sneetches andOther StoriesOne of Dr. Seuss’s wonderfully rich stories is the unforgettable tale of the Sneetches– some with stars on their bellies and some without. It is this star, or lack of it, thatbrilliantly teaches children about social injustice. Ultimately, Seuss humorouslyshows us the absurdity in racism and prejudice.Limited Edition of 2500 Arabic Numbers - 99 Patron’s Collection155 Collaborator Proofs, 5 Hors d’ Commerce
  11. 11. Summer BreezeEugeneaSize: 24cm x 19cmMedium: Acrylic on canvasThis is an example ofEugenea’s work, she willpresent her donated workon the day Value $1950 - $2450Eugenea was born in 1966 in Rostov-on-Don, a heavily industralised city in SouthernRussia. Her introduction to painting was at an early age through her father, BorisBelmasov, a respected Russian painter. At 17 years of age she was the youngeststudent in 30 years to be accepted by the V I Surikov State Academy of Art inMoscow, graduating after six years of intensive study.The artist has successfully exhibited in Russia, Germany, Switzerland and America.In 1993 Eugenea moved to the Southern Hemisphere, living first in Brisbane andthen in Wellington. She has lived in the capital with her two children since thattime and has now obtained New Zealand citizenship.The foundation of formal Russian training combined with the development of herown expressive style, gifts us with unique works which are often possessed of anunusual and ethereal quality.
  12. 12. Blind Kuia (Tuhoe Tribe) Phill Waddington Size: 35cm x 26cm Medium: Pastel on paper Value $2,800 - $4,200Phill Waddington first met Mrs Rutene in the early 1970’s when she was stayingwith her mokopuna in Ruatoki. “This blind Kuia of the Tuhoe tribe had a greatsense of humour and seemed to miss nothing.”The magic of Phill’s wonderful portraits is that he only paints people he knows.He needs to have an understanding of the real person behind the face in order tocapture there essence.
  13. 13. nau mai ki toku ao –‘welcome to my world’Shane HansenSize: 100cm x 70cmMedium: Signed and numbered limited edition archival full colour screen prints on archival stock (ed. of 30) Framed value $1,100 - $1,700‘This piece represents the start of my journey. learning more about who and whati am, where i come from and where i have been. the land in which i live has mademe who i am and continues to shape me.’Frame donated by John Swan Picture Framers.
  14. 14. Tapu Te Ranga Island Linda Smith Size: 41cm x 52cm Medium: Watercolour Framed Value $ 500 - $600“My paintings reflect my desire to try new ways to interpret the world around meas I constantly experiment and try different approaches.Art was always my first interest and I began sketching and painting in my youth,then family commitments limited me for a while,though employment involving arttherapy and craft groups, drew me back to my art.The empty nest enabled me to begin painting again and I’ve had some tuition inpainting, moulding, collage and printmaking.I’m presently experimenting with oils on very large canvases in an abstract style.For me the learning will never stop”
  15. 15. Suggested charities• New Zealand Red Cross - Refugee Services• Life Flight - Emergency Air Services• Wellington Free Ambulance• Ronald McDonald House• Starship Children’s Health• Mary Potter Hospice• Womens Refugeor any other registered charity of your choice.Early Bids are welcomeYou may pre-bid on any of the artists work included in the catalogue.Please email us on ethnic.affairs@dia.govt.nz.