Ethnic diversity in the Workplace


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A brochure about the Office of Ethnic Affairs' programme for training in-house trainers to assist your staff in building their intercultural diversity skills.
As workplaces become more culturally diverse businesses are finding that good intercultural management is paying off - creating a more innovative organisation and a better financial bottom line.

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Ethnic diversity in the Workplace

  1. 1. The Intercultural Training that countsAwareness &Communicationprogramme Ethnic Diversity in the Workplace1 Explores how culture impacts on behaviour. The Intercultural Awareness and Communication programme has been accredited with a set of six NZQA unit standards, which count towards Intercultural Awareness and Communication Training for Trainers Programme the National Certificate in Public Sector Services2 Provides tools and methods for communicating more effectively across cultural boundaries. or the National Certificate in Business. The six unit standards are: 9694 Demonstrate and apply knowledge of3 Explores case studies that are communication process theory tailored to the organisational 11099 Develop strategies for communicating context and individual needs of in a culturally diverse workplace participants. 11097 Listen to gain information in an interactive situation 1277 Communicate information in a specified workplace 1312 Give oral instructions in the workplace 9680 Communicate within an organisational context For more information, please contact 09 363 0563We train your in-house trainers or ethnicaffairs@dia.govt.nzto help your staff in building The Office of Ethnic Affairs advocates workplacestheir intercultural skills. that are more responsive to ethnic people.
  2. 2. The “Training for What are the benefits Some common challengesTrainers” programme of an ethnically diverse that an ethnically diverseaims to enhance workforce? workforce may bring:intercultural skills inorganisations withan ethnically diverseworkforce.Ethnic diversity will • Enables better connections to New Zealand’s increasingly diverse Perceived Intercultural misunderstandingsincrease significantly in customer base. differences in others can lead between teamthe coming years. • Promotes broader perspectives, greater to inaccurate assumptions, members from different ethnic innovation and effective problem solving. backgrounds can hindering effectiveAn organisation’s success • Provides a competitive edge in the global communication. hamper innovation and productivity.and competitiveness economy by utilising overseas contacts for trade and investment.depends upon its ability • Ensures the widest pool of candidates isto embrace diversity and considered when recruiting. “New Zealand society is becomingrealise the benefits. increasingly diverse and so too Are you making the most of your diverse workforce? is New Zealand business. Success in the new environment will require Are you helping to retain valuable staff responsiveness to different cultural by creating an environment that meets and ethnic groups as a key skill. their needs? Successful businesses will be alert, Are you maximising productivity sensitive and welcoming to a diverse by fostering strong intercultural skills customer base.” among staff and management? Phil O’Reilly Chief Executive BusinessNZ