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Capability building workshop - exploring partnerships for your charity


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Aimed at ethnic people in the charities sector, this workshop offers practical exercises to help develop new ideas and approaches for attracting greater resources from businesses.

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Capability building workshop - exploring partnerships for your charity

  1. 1. Exploring partnerships for your charityThe Office of Ethnic Affairs kindly invites you to acapability building workshop on how to increaseresources for your Charity in partnership with business.Join us for a workshop undertaking practicalexercises to help you develop new ideas and businesses around the country, includingapproaches to help attract greater resources locally in Christchurch.from business. The results of this research have been usedThis workshop is presented by DIA – to create some great resources and insightsCharities and includes a presentation from that can help your community organisation toPeter Dixon, National Advisor – Capability. build stronger, more valuable relationships with businesses.It is designed to give you: • Insights into successful approaches to We also invite you to stay after the workshop developing partnerships for some networking. Cost: Free • Some ideas for potential partners Please register by Wednesday 26 OctoberInspiring Communities, Creative NZ and DIA 2012. Strictly limited spaces available!– Charities have recently completed a reporton current business practices, needs, Email: candy.wu.zhang@dia.govt.nzmotivations and experiences around or phone: 03 339 5505supporting and interacting with communityorganisations. The report includes findings RSVP is essential as we have 25from a survey that includes over 1000 spaces onlyWhen: 8 November 4.00-7.00pm, Unit C, 100 Orchard Road, Harewood,Christchurch