African forum heat beat


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On Saturday 21 July the Office of Ethnic Affairs held an African Forum, for and by African people in New Zealand. See the main points made by the speakers in this presentation.

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African forum heat beat

  1. 1. UBUNTUNational African Forum
  2. 2. Kia Ora - Welcome - MauyaJamboMulibwanjiSalaam aleikumMoloSannuSalibonaniMhoroiDumelaMahisseGoeie MoreTadiasAkwaba
  3. 3. Gregory Fortuin• People matter - Ubuntu• African people must not forget theirbirthright• encouraged African people to integrate inNZ• African are encouraged to pursue their
  4. 4. Dr Mustafa FaroukBuilding a stronger, resilientAfrican community• Call for unity and solidarity among Africans• African people must be resilient• Diversity should be a solution, not aproblem
  5. 5. Dr Muhammed Musa African people in the media• African people are encouraged to starttelling their own stories ( use digital media )• Do not let others tell stories about Africans• Integrate not assimilate – be part of the community
  6. 6. Chris JonesForging stronger economic ties with Africa • Pre-paid mobiles started in Soweto • Building long relationships is vital • Demand for resources pushing demand for connectivity
  7. 7. Next steps• OEA and the African Community Forum Inc willwork together to address some key issues raisedin the forum• African communities nationwide need to connect• Africans are encouraged to integrate in NZ society and build relationships
  8. 8. PollEmployment opportunities – 50%Better integration in NZ – 40%Health and wellbeing – 10%
  9. 9. Notable African models of success MANDELAThe greatest glory in living lies not in never falling,but in rising every time we fall - NELSON Kofi Anan - Secretary General, United Nations Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela- President Desmond Mpilo Tutu - South Africa Retired Anglican Bishop 1994 - 1999 Wilbur Addison Smith – Best Kwame Nkrumah- First selling novelist President Ghana 1960 Zimbabwe (Northern Rhodesia)
  10. 10. African models of successIrene van dyk Ben Paradza Samual KuffourNZ Netball Shooter NZ Barrister & Football playerSOUTH AFRICA Solicitor GHANA ZIMBABWE
  11. 11. African models of successHaile Gebre Miriam Makeba Nyara ShahweSelassie Greatest ‘Mama Africa’ NZ Authordistance runner of Grammy Award ZIMBABWEall times singerETHIOPIA SOUTH AFRICA
  12. 12. African models of successThomas Mapfumo Late- Kabaselle Ya Kip Kumei‘ The Lion of Zimbabwe’ Mpanya, ‘Pepe NZ AthleteMusician Kalle’ Musician KENYAZIMBABWE CONGO
  13. 13. African models of successKruger van Wyk Precious McKenzie Dr Ruth DeSouzaNZ Cricketer NZ Weightlifter NZ AcademicSOUTH AFRICA SOUTH AFRICA TANZANIA
  14. 14. Keep in touchLike us on Facebook: EthnicA Follow us on Twitter: EthnicA2 Office of Ethnic Affairs www.ethnicaffairs.govt.n z
  15. 15. UBUNTUNational African Forum