Stay Calm and Pin On


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A presentation that explains the basics of Pinterest, its growth statistics and tips to leverage it for business.

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Stay Calm and Pin On

  1. 1. It’s social & now for business Compiled by Ethinos Digital It‟s not just blah, blah & blah
  2. 2. What is Pinterest? • It is an image-based social networking and social publishing site. • It lets you connect and share images with people who have common interests. • It lets you organize and share all the images you find and like on the web. • It lets you tell your story, express your dreams, likes, and dislikes through It‟s not just blah, blah & blah
  3. 3. Did you know?  Pinterest hit 10 million monthly unique visitors in the U.S.A., faster than any independent site in history  Pinterest gets nearly 12 million monthly unique visitors  Pinterest has over 10.4 million registered users  9 million Facebook users access Pinterest every month 97% Pinterest fans are women LinkedIn Pinterest generates more referral traffic to websites than YouTube, Google + Google+, and LinkedIn combined. You Tube It‟s not just blah, blah & blah
  4. 4. Advantages 1 Generates Traffic Pinterest is a platform that already has many visitors. Thus, even if the website is not well positioned, people with interests relevant to your business can easily find you on Pinterest. The virality through „Repin‟ 2 „Repin‟ is Pinterest‟s feature that allows you to share the images you like and pin them on your own board; so your friends, and those with common interests can see them. Just like neural networks, thanks to collective intelligence, links to good materials are reinforced with each ‘Repin.’ You don‟t need any friends 3 Pinterest is more focused on connecting to those who share interests similar to yours. Pin-boards are according to subject, topic and interest. So you don‟t need friends to follow. Just follow pin-boards of the topics you find interesting! 4 Image power A picture is worth a thousand words. In case of Pinterest, this is absolutely true! It lets you to access information in an intuitive It‟s not just blah, blah & blah
  5. 5. Disadvantages 1 Do we want another social network? Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, etc., the list of social networking sites is almost endless. Many users may not be prepared for another one. They might just ignore Pinterest and its possibilities for lack of enthusiasm to be on one more social networking site. Pinterest‟s option to let people sign-in through their Facebook profile, may reduce this apprehension. 2 Businesses could corrupt it Pinterest is an ideal platform for businesses. Brands can create pin-boards of their products, services, milestones, etc. However, there is a possibility of marketers going into a pinning overdrive; thus spamming and corrupting the platform that could have otherwise served as an ideal way to share interests through visuals. 3 Incubator of memes and SPAM? The virality is one of Pinterest‟s strong points, but this is a double-edged sword. Constant repins of memes and similar content may end up making the network seem monotone or It‟s not just blah, blah & blah
  6. 6. When do they use it? It‟s not just blah, blah & blah
  7. 7. SEO + Pinterest = Identify your Create a Plug in your Keyword Pinboard hashtags Eg: Eg: The Coolest Luxury home in IN Eg: Luxury homes IN “Stunning décor in IN Luxury #Luxury-homes-in Homes”• Identify ONE keyword or • Make sure it is relevant to the • Tag every pin on your phrase that you want to keyword/phrase you are focusing board using hashtags (eg: target. Not three or four – on. #luxury-home-in) so you get JUST ONE. Be realistic; the benefits of SEO from don‟t choose a keyword so • Include the keyword in the title your images. competitive that you have a snowball‟s chance in hell • Find/create interesting visuals to • It is ok to include two or for successful ranking. pin to your new board. three keyword hashtags, such as #in-luxury-homes. TIP : Not sure which keyword to choose, or which ones are Just make sure you don‟t too competitive. Try Google’s spam and use too many keyword popularity tool for hashtags. It‟s not just blah, blah & blah
  8. 8. What is it being used for? Store Catalogues Add prices to the pictures of your Feedback Share your products to attract styles new buyers. Let people give Photographic Books Show the world who opinions about you are. Create pin- Ideal for models, your creations. boards of images actresses and actors. according to activities you are involved in like redecorating, planning an occasion, etc. You Portfolio can share your likes For professional and dislikes through photographers, Brainstorming images & also look graphic for some ideas that Make your employees nspire. designers, or or co-workers expose people form the their project ideas on a fashion world. collaborative It‟s not just blah, blah & blah
  9. 9. What is it being used for? Wedding Ideas Travelling You can create a Real Estate Make a list of solitary or an places that you Buy, sell, or rent a would like to accompanied collage, house through the visit. in which you can internet or just find a collect images of roommate. everything that interests you: dresses, flowers, places, or exotic locales for your Lists honeymoon. Make a list of what Recipes you like and what Costumes interests you. Upload pictures Find the most and videos of extraordinary your favorite designs for a dishes. carnival or It‟s not just blah, blah & blah
  10. 10. Advice & Tricks Embed photos on your website or blog: If you have your own website, you can embed any content from Pinterest with no need to host it on your It‟s not just blah, blah & blah
  11. 11. Attack of the ‘clones’ Imitators come after success: Many websites are cloning the Pinterest format. Even Lady Gaga‟s social network, „Little Monsters‟ or the new Myspace interface denotes a clear influence. Whether they replicate Pinterest‟s success or just fade into oblivion is something we will have to wait and watch! It‟s not just blah, blah & blah
  12. 12. Who needs to watch out? Battle of image-based social networks Even though Pinterest isn‟t an image hosting service, it can still seriously threaten other services like Flickr or Picasa, and also pose a competition to other networks like It‟s not just blah, blah & blah
  13. 13. The new queen of referential traffic According to Shareaholic, Pinterest generates 3.6% referral traffic; which is more than what Google+ (0.22%), YouTube (1.05%), Reddit (0.83%) and 0.22% 1.05% 0.83% 0.20% 3.6% LinkedIn (0.20%) generate It‟s not just blah, blah & blah
  14. 14. Re-pins VS Retweets It‟s so viral, As images have a greater likelihood of getting shared, Pinterest is very viral. Over 80% of pins are re-pins. In contrast, a study done at a similar time in Twitter history showed that only 1.4% of tweets were retweets. 80% It‟s not just blah, blah & blah
  15. 15. Pinterest Etiquette Art, sometimes is provocative and that is a big problem for Pinterest. As a result, Pinterest blocks/prohibits it under the assumption of it being „nudity or hateful content.‟ It‟s not just blah, blah & blah
  16. 16. Websites can block pins Websites can protect its copyrighted content from being pinned to personal pinboards with a simple HTML code. < meta name = “pinterest” content = “nopin”/> It‟s not just blah, blah & blah
  17. 17. It’s future, what’s next? It still has a lot of growing up to do: As of now, Pinterest is in its beta phase and thus many people have not registered yet. This means that the number of users is likely to see a sharp rise soon. The virality coming to smartphones? An official App for IPhone already exists, and considering the success of networks like Instagram, it‟s predictable that Pinterest will take the virality of mobile pictures to a whole new level. Geolocated content? Someday soon we will probably be able to access the most viral photographs of our zone, or even see the boards of local users. It seems like a natural step taking into account that Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, have all jumped onto the geolocation It‟s not just blah, blah & blah
  18. 18. And it continues growing… According to, Pinterest is one of the top 100 websites, and it is still growing. Daily users have increased by more than 145% since early 2012. There are nearly 12 million monthly unique It‟s not just blah, blah & blah
  19. 19. Have a Question? Get in touch with the experts +91 – 9820217252 @siddhegde /EthinosDigital EthinosPresentationson Slideshare Snapshot of Digital How NGOs can use 11 Twitter Case 10 Commandments Gamification India (August 2012) Social Media to Studies of Social Media for – Level 1 raise funds Business