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SEO - A Beginners' Guide


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A presentation on the history, basics, process, technical details, tools, tips, for Search Engine Optimization.

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SEO - A Beginners' Guide

  1. 1. A Beginner’s Guide to SEOCompiled by Ethinos Digital Marketing Share this presentation : Twitter | Facebook
  2. 2. SEO – A Beginner’s Guide • Improving website performance on Google is a relevant, much discussed topic in the field of digital marketing. • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques are used to index the pages of a website and improve their crawling ability. • We have created this SEO techniques and best practices guide for beginners; to help them use SEO more effectively and enhance the performance of their website. Share this presentation : Twitter | Facebook
  3. 3. The History of SEO – A Timeline 1995 Yahoo Optimization was born using the concepts of AAA, A#1, and yellow pages/white pages alphabetical optimization. 1996 Keyword density and location testing started. Once a URL was submitted to Yahoo, it would get listed within 72 hours. Algorithm cracking occurred for the first time. SEO companies decoded all the 35 parameters that1997 Excite used to rank websites and could generate #1 pages at will.Mid ‘97 Search engines began to use Yahoo as a quality assurance test and thus it became necessary for websites to be present on Yahoo.Late ‘97 Websites could get listed within few hours by pulling referrals. Spam became a serious problem for search engines and cloaked pages appeared for the first time. More Share this presentation : Twitter | Facebook
  4. 4. The History of SEO – A Timeline continued Search engines began to move to off-the-page criteria. Algorithms became more sophisticated and 1998 difficult to crack. Search engines used multiple algorithms for the top ten positions. Rampant site- theft and page-jacking forced search engines to limit submissions. They began to modernize with word lists, multi-languages and Google entered the scene with 25 million URLs. Open Source Directory (ODP) became very popular. Late‘98 - ‘99 War between search engines and SEO firms. Websites of many SEO firms got banned from search engines and lost rankings for their entire client lists. Decoding algorithms became the most difficult task and cloaked pages became almost mandatory for SEO firms to protect their clients’ rankings. Late ‘99 The beginning of Pay Per Click. 2000 Pay Per Click and Pay For Performance schemes gained popularity and Google began to consolidate its position as the default search engine. Bought and paid-for listings became the order of the day and the Google era began. Websites had no 2001 option but to be on Google. Share this presentation : Twitter | Facebook
  5. 5. Why is SEO one of the best techniques to promote your business? • Allows global and regional promotion • Generates targeted traffic that can be converted into potential customers • Increases product/service visibility to potential local or international customers • Higher Return on Investment through higher volume of sales and profits • Relatively cost-effective when compared to other promotion channels • Lets you target a selective audience • Results can be measured easily through search engine reports Share this presentation : Twitter | Facebook
  6. 6. SEO and other elements of Digital Marketing SEO is not the only element of digital marketing. Various others include Social Media Optimization (SMO), email marketing, paid ads, etc. Social Media Optimization (SMO) Email Marketing Paid Advertising Though objectives and strategy determine the digital marketing elements that are employed for a particular brand or company, the following comparisons of the elements will help make the bigger picture a little more clear. Share this presentation : Twitter | Facebook
  7. 7. Quality of traffic generated by SEO and SMO The proportion of ‘Returning Visitors’ is lower in SMO generated traffic when compared to SEO generated traffic. SEO results in more ‘Page Views’ than SMO as social media visitors are less likely to explore the site. SMO generated visitors are more prone to just one-page visits and have a higher bounce rate. * Marketing Easy – SEO centric * Online Marketing banter – SMO centric Share this presentation : Twitter | Facebook
  8. 8. SEO and Pay Per Click (PPC) Which channel has the biggest impact on lead generation? 59 % of B2B and 49% of B2C respondents feel that SEO has a higher impact on lead generation. Will you increase, decrease, or maintain your SEO budget in 2012? 43 % of B2B and 45% of B2C respondents claim that they will increase their budget for SEO . Will you increase, decrease, or maintain your PPC Budget in 2013? 31% of B2B and 40% of B2C respondents claim that they will increase their budget for PPC. Share this presentation : Twitter | Facebook
  9. 9. SEO and Email Marketing • SEO increases potential customers by directing traffic to the website and email marketing increases interaction with an existing database of customers 39 % of businesses named email marketing as • SEO is an opportunity to reach the members the strongest performing of the target audience and email marketing is channel in the previous year an opportunity to begin building a relationship with them • The drawback of SEO is that visibility does not guarantee an interaction • The drawback of email marketing is that the target audience may consider it as spam 37 % of businesses • Using SEO to drive traffic to the website and named email marketing in their top 3 marketing investment areas for then getting the visitors to sign up for a the coming year regular publication, like a newsletter, is a way to make the most of both, SEO and email marketing Share this presentation : Twitter | Facebook
  10. 10. SEO Process Keyword Research Link Building Other Link Building Activities DoFollow and NoFollow Share this presentation : Twitter | Facebook
  11. 11. Keyword Research Keyword Research is one of the main aspects of SEO. Your website should target the correct keywords to the right audience that is likely to be interested in your products or services. Meta Tag ,Meta Keywords and Description: This is an important factor of the HTML background which is read by search engines but not displayed on the webpage. It should include all the important keywords. Page Title: This is the head section of the webpage and the most powerful factor in search engine ranking. URL Structure: The URL structure of a website is like the door to a house. It is an important building block and making it clear and simple will help to rank high on the search engine. A keyword rich domain is always preferable. Share this presentation : Twitter | Facebook
  12. 12. Link Building Link Building is a powerful strategy to get your website a high rank on search engines. You need to focus on the quality and quantity of the links.One-way links:One-way links are links to your website from other websites that do not receive a link from your website. One-waylinks indicate to the search engine that your website has useful, relevant information.Reciprocal links:Reciprocal links are links exchanged between two websites. Each website has a link to the other. It is advisable tohave reciprocal links with other websites that are relevant to your industry or business.Three-way links:Three-way linking is a process by which a website receives a one-way link fromone website and creates a one-way link with another website. The purpose ofthree-way linking is to reduce the number of reciprocal links because reciprocallinks are easily detected by search engines and websites with too manyreciprocal links are not ranked very high. Share this presentation : Twitter | Facebook
  13. 13. Other Link Building ActivitiesBlogs: A blog is a website or a partof a website which should be Press releases: Press releases cancontinuously updated with new content to bring your targeted keywords on thedrive more traffic to the website. top positions of search engines and are an easy way to promote and drive traffic. Share this presentation : Twitter | Facebook
  14. 14. Do Follow and No Follow • Search Engines use search bots or web crawlers to access and index web pages. • DoFollow and NoFollow, terms coined by Matt Cutts in 1995, refer to html coding of a website that instructs a crawler to access or reverse from a particular link. • A NoFollow command in the code for the link will result into the link being ignored by the crawler and the website will not receive any link juice. • On the other hand, a DoFollow coding will transfer link juice to the website that the link refers to. DoFollow links are valuable for SEO and NoFollow links should be avoided. Share this presentation : Twitter | Facebook
  15. 15. Elements of the SEO StrategySEO Content:SEO content should include certainkeywords that you are targeting. This will Internal Linking:help to get a better rank on search engine Internal linking is an SEO best practiceresult pages. However, you need to be that involves linking one section of thecareful and have the correct keyword web page to another so that visitorsdensity to avoid your website from being to the website can navigate the webconsidered spam. pages conveniently. Getting Inbound Links: Reverse SEO: Inbound links are links from pages on external Reverse SEO is a technical way of relegating the websites linking back to your site. Inbound negative aspects or mentions of your website to links are a result of relevant, useful content lower ranks on a search engine results page. It is and are likely to get your website a high page an effective way to secure your site from bad rank on search engines. publicity. Reverse SEO techniques are used on a large scale while carrying out Online Reputation Management (ORM). Share this presentation : Twitter | Facebook
  16. 16. Technical Elements of the SEO Strategy Sitemap: It is a visual map of your website which allows easy navigation to visitors and search engine crawlers. Webmasters often use it to indicate the number of pages that the search engine has to crawl.301 Redirect301 Redirect is one of the methods to convey to a search engine that you are transferring yourwebpage to another URL without wanting to affect your current search engine ranking. Canonical tag:If you have two same URLs with minor differences in content, you can use the canonical tag whichinstructs the search engine to not consider duplicate content issues in your site. Alt tagging:It defines text for your image and thus allows you to optimize your image for search engines. Share this presentation : Twitter | Facebook
  17. 17. Technical Elements of the SEO Strategy Robot.txt: It helps to control search engine crawling i.e. if you have two similar pages, it helps to protect form duplication. If you have some data which you do not want to show on a search engine, a robot.txt file can be used for the same. It is a directory level configuration which helps to change the name of the file which controls many features of the server.Error 404:Error 404 is used to indicate that the client could connect to the server but the server could notfind the required URL. This page is used in case of broken links and can be customized. Share this presentation : Twitter | Facebook
  18. 18. Some Funny Error 404 Pages Share this presentation : Twitter | Facebook
  19. 19. SEO Tools SEO tools are mainly used for two purposes : • To get high rankings on search engine result pages • To find out the flaws and problems in the website Following are some commonly used tools Google AdWords Google Insights Google Analytics Webmaster Tools RoboForm Copyscape Quirk SearchStatus Internet Business Promoter SEO PowerSuite Share this presentation : Twitter | Facebook
  20. 20. Google AdwordsGoogle AdWords keyword tool is widely used by internet marketing professionals tocreate advertising campaigns and carry out research on new keywords for websites. Share this presentation : Twitter | Facebook
  21. 21. Google InsightsGoogle Insights tool is widely used by internet marketing professionals to compare searchvolume patterns across regions, categories, time frames, and properties. It displays changes in thefrequency with which a keyword is being searched and thus provides useful information. Share this presentation : Twitter | Facebook
  22. 22. Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics is used by internet marketing professionals to get statistics thattrace the traffic flow towards the website. Google Analytics can track visitors’details like IP address, country of origin, bounce rate of traffic, etc. Share this presentation : Twitter | Facebook
  23. 23. Webmaster ToolsGoogle Webmaster Tools are used by internet marketing professionals to drawinferences about site performance. These tools can be used to address andcorrect any indexing problems that the website might have and also to learn howto maximize the impact of SEO on the website. Share this presentation : Twitter | Facebook
  24. 24. SEO Power SuiteSEO Power Suite is used by internet marketing professionals to keep track of thewebsite keyword ranking. Manually checking keywords every time can showdifferent results at different times and situations. The SEO Rank Tracker toolfrom SEO PowerSuite can be used to avoid these discrepancies. Share this presentation : Twitter | Facebook
  25. 25. CopyscapeCopyscape is a tool used by internet marketing professionals to check forduplication of content. Duplication of content can lead to the URL being bannedby the Search Engine. Thus, a tool that detects duplication and allows forcorrective action proves very useful for those who want to post original andrelevant content. Share this presentation : Twitter | Facebook
  26. 26. Internet Business PomoterInternet Business Promoter (IBP) is a software that can carry out various tasks like: • Search niche directories for submission • Search link building websites related to your industry • Provide you with ranking results of keywords Share this presentation : Twitter | Facebook
  27. 27. Quirk Search StatusQuirk Search Status is a tool which is specially designed to provide internetmarketers with necessary information like DoFollow, NoFollow, page ranks, etc. Itcan be used to monitor the performance of any website in the world. It comes asan add-on with the Mozilla Firefox or SeaMonkey browsers. Share this presentation : Twitter | Facebook
  28. 28. RoboFormManually submitting websites to each and every directory is a tedious, next to impossibletask. Managing the logins and passwords for every different platform and repeatedly typingout the same forms is a time consuming, non-value adding effort.RoboForm is a software that lets internet marketing professionals submit directories withjust one click, makes form filling much simpler by storing details, protects and stores theirbackup data and lets them manage passwords using one master password. Share this presentation : Twitter | Facebook
  29. 29. Tips to follow in 2013 - KeywordsAnalyze keywords and create a list of keywords which satisfy three criteria (relevance, demand,competition). Select keywords that meet these criteria and some long tail keywords which can beranked easily to gain a little more confidence over your SEO skills. • Try to create a keyword rich URL for optimizing the page. • Do not insert more than six keywords in the keyword tag. Avoid using duplicate keywords in many pages of the website. • Write keyword rich descriptions and do not increase description to more than 160 characters. • Always insert important keywords in the title tag. Share this presentation : Twitter | Facebook
  30. 30. Tips to follow in 2013 - Links• Use internal linking with anchor text.• Get one-way links which are relevant and have good page ranks.• If you are exchanging links with other websites, check the outbound links of that site. If they are more than 25, avoid such websites.• Check the domain age and outbound links when you are trying to build links. Remember that old domain websites have more value on internet.• Try to get links from websites that have high page ranks.• Get DoFollow links that will boost your search engine ranking Share this presentation : Twitter | Facebook
  31. 31. More Important Tips to follow in 20131 Use Webmaster Tools to detect and remove the broken links from your website. 2 Avoid flash, graphic and moving locations on the website. 3 First submit website to top search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and then to the others. Try to get listed in government directories,5 4 DMOZ, and other top directories. Keep the website structure and URL structure simple. Check it before optimizing. 6 Give alt tag to optimize images because search engines do not crawl images. 7 Avoid using frames, and use the <NOFRAMES> tag wherever required. 8 Create a sitemap that clearly indicates all the pages that the Search Engine needs to index. Share this presentation : Twitter | Facebook
  32. 32. Sources • • • report • social-proof/ • benchmark-report-2011/Marketers_Benchmark_Survey_Results_Q2_11.pdf Share this presentation : Twitter | Facebook
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