Hachette India - Pinterest Contest Case Study


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A case-study of a successful Pinterest contest carried out for Hachette India; which increased interactions and doubled their followers on Pinterest.

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Hachette India - Pinterest Contest Case Study

  1. 1. www.ethinos.com It’s not just blah, blah & blah Spreading some book love on Pinterest! A case-study on our successful Pinterest contest for Hachette India
  2. 2. www.ethinos.com It’s not just blah, blah & blah Objectives Connect with a relevant target audience on Pinterest Increase the number of Hachette India’s followers and interactions on Pinterest
  3. 3. www.ethinos.com It’s not just blah, blah & blah Challenges Pinterest’s contest guidelines; which do not allow repins of a particular piece of content for the purpose of a contest. This meant that all the standard formats like asking members to repin their favourite pin, share a particular pin with their followers, etc. could not be used. We needed something that would add value to our presence rather than spam it with multiple repins of the same piece of content. Pinterest’s policy of requiring an email address to add pinners to a group board. So, we couldn’t add followers to our group board directly. It ended up becoming an additional step in the process; where participants gave their email address, we added them as pinners, and then they participated in the contest. A brand new presence for Hachette India, with not too many followers or interactions. Low penetration of Pinterest in India, in general.
  4. 4. www.ethinos.com It’s not just blah, blah & blah Strategy and Execution We decided to carry out a Pinterest contest that led to the creation of interesting content and did not breach any of Pinterest’s rules. Knowing that our target audience was book lovers, we decided to get them to share what they prize the most, their bookshelves. The contest was promoted on other platforms well before it actually began, so our fans got a heads up and the interested ones could join us on Pinterest. A rise in Pinterest numbers was visible from day one. We ran the contest ran for 3 days, and extended it over a weekend thanks to the encouraging response we got. This not only resonated very well with our target audience; but also caught the interest of followers who might not be very avid readers, yet were still happy to browse through interesting bookshelves. To ensure maximum participation and make up for the slightly complex process while participating, we announced a prize of a Hachette Hamper of recent releases of the month.
  5. 5. www.ethinos.com It’s not just blah, blah & blah Results A 100% increase in the number of followers on Pinterest 100+ entries to the contest Multiple entries from a some engaged participants Conversation among the target audience with participants interacting with each other and complimenting each other’s bookshelves User generated content that could be shared across other platforms Database that could be leveraged for future promotions
  6. 6. www.ethinos.com It’s not just blah, blah & blah Interactions among followers 100% increase in the number of followers 122 Entries and 86 followers for one single board
  7. 7. www.ethinos.com It’s not just blah, blah & blah Multiple entries from participants Content leveraged on other platforms Engaged Users Create Shareable Content
  8. 8. www.ethinos.com It’s not just blah, blah & blah What Worked for Us? Targeting the right audience Being able to connect with booklovers was one of the main reasons why this contest succeeded. Knowing how possessive ardent readers are about their books and bookshelves; through this contest, we decided to give them a platform to show off their prized possession and interact with others of their kind. Choosing the right incentive The prize for this contest was a Hachette Hamper of latest releases. Considering that booklovers love nothing more than new books, we made sure that our incentive was irresistible to our target audience. This ensure better reach, better participation, and achievement of our objectives. Novelty Factor Since this was the first ever Pinterest contest for Hachette India, our followers on Pinterest and all other platforms were as excited about it as we were. We created a buzz around the contest by announcing it on other platforms and promoting it through regular posts. Simplicity We kept the contest very simple. Neither was there a complex process to register and participate, nor were the requirements from participants too difficult. It was a contest that the participants enjoyed and it also gave us user-generated content that we could leverage on other platforms. Reasons for Success
  9. 9. www.ethinos.com It’s not just blah, blah & blah Have a Question? Get in touch with the experts! siddharth.hegde@ethinos.com +91 – 9820217252 http://www.linkedin.com/in/hegdesiddharth @siddhegde http://www.facebook.com /EthinosDigital More presentations from the Ethinos team Internetusage patternsamong affluentIndians The case for Social Media in B2B Companies 10 Commandments of Social Media for Business Digital Marketing : The last chance to level the playing field 11 Case Studies of how twitter helped businesses