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Market Price Query Empty Trading


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This presentation is on one of the tools of Empty Trading - the Market Price Query

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Market Price Query Empty Trading

  1. 1. Market Price Query
  2. 2.  The Empty Printer Cartridge Knowledge Index contains cartridge model wise: ▪ Market Price ▪ Demand Strength ▪ Historical Price Trend ▪ Availability ▪ Container Fitment  Here we talk about … MARKET PRICE QUERY - THE PRICE TOOL
  3. 3.  Caught in the middle of a transaction ?? Do not know the price of the cartridge ?? Any guesses for the latest cartridge model in demand ??  We are working on the information for you…. Log on to and check up the Market Price Query !!
  4. 4.  ‘Market Price Query’ is a query tool to mainly find out  Current Price of an used cartridge  Demand Strength of the empty You can also know the price trend of the model for anything between 6 to 48 months
  5. 5.  Use ‘MPQ’ to ride the tide and master the rules of the game of the Printer Cartridge Industry. Harness the uncertainty of  Fluctuating Market Prices !  Fluctuating Demand Strength!  Fluctuating Price Trend !  Fluctuating Available products in the Market ! Head for !  Head for MPQ!
  6. 6.  STEP 1: Get Registered on STEP 2: Check Sample Transaction STEP 3: Recharge you Account STEP 4: Use Our Services STEP 5: Raise Query/FeedbackNeed more information? Send a mail:
  7. 7.  If you have liked MPQ’s  Real Time Product Info  Real Time Price  Real Time Demand  Real Time Trends  Real Time Analysis CHECK OUT OTHER TOOLS TOO…WorldWide Empty availability (WWA)Container Fitment Calculator(CFC) – upcoming!
  8. 8. Empty Trading