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Ethan Dysert: 4 Traits That Every Leader Must Have


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Not sure which traits a leader needs in order to succeed? Check out these slides to learn which 4 traits are absolutely necessary.

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Ethan Dysert: 4 Traits That Every Leader Must Have

  1. 1. 4 Traits That Every Leader Must Have Ethan Dysert
  2. 2. Communication Every leader needs to be able to communicate effectively. Communication is one of the best ways for a leader to build trust and gain the confidence of the team. A leader cannot explain the company's vision or inspire others without proper communication.
  3. 3. Optimism Optimistic leaders see solutions where pessimistic leaders only see hindrances. When a leader is optimistic the whole group feels better because optimism is infectious. Every leader faces setbacks, but optimistic leaders never give up, and this inspires others.
  4. 4. Confidence No one can be a leader without confidence. Confident leaders are unafraid to take risks and do things differently. A confident leader is also not afraid to receive feedback from others. Nor are they afraid to be honest with team members.
  5. 5. Vision The best leaders know where the organization should go in the future, and they know how to get there. A leader's vision serves as a guide for everyone to follow. If a leader lacks vision the company won't be successful in the long run.