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Youth Protection Information Graphic


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Youth protection requires sustained vigilance. That is why the
BSA has continued to develop and enhance its youth protection
efforts as everyone continues to learn more about the dangers
and challenges facing youth. The BSA has established a multitiered
youth protection approach focused on volunteer screening,
education and training for everyone in the program, and clear
policies to protect youth.

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Youth Protection Information Graphic

  1. 1. Youth Protectionof the Boy Scouts of AmericaYouth protection requires sustained vigilance. That is why theBSA has continued to develop and enhance its youth protectionefforts as everyone continues to learn more about the dangersand challenges facing youth. The BSA has established a multi-tiered youth protection approach focused on volunteer screening,education and training for everyone in the program, and clearpolicies to protect youth.This is how it works: Step 3Adult Criminal Background CheckVolunteers The BSA requires criminal background checks on all Scout leaders. The background checks are administered by LexisNexis, a nationally respected third party that also provides this service to many local, state, and federal governments; educational institutions; and other nonprofits.Step 1 Step 4Chartered Organizations Ineligible Volunteer File CheckReference Check The BSA’s Ineligible Volunteer Files serve as a barrier to entry, preventing those who are believed to be unfit to serve as Scout leaders from joining the organization. AnChartered organizations provide local insight and ongoing individual may be determined to be unfit for leadership for any reason, regardlesssupervision. The involvement of local chartered organizations of whether the accusations have been proven and whether or not the alleged(churches, schools, or civic groups) helps ensure that misconduct happened in Scouting. Applicants are checked against the file, and if anvolunteers are known and trusted in the community. applicant has been determined to be ineligible, they are not permitted to join Scouting.Step 2 Step 5Application Adult Leader Youth ProtectionAll adults who have been selected as potential leadersof youth by a chartered organization must provide Trainingreferences, past addresses, and other community All registered adult volunteers are required to complete the BSA’s Youth Protectionaffiliations, and affirm that they have had no criminal training every two years. The training is available online 24 hours a day, seven daysaccusations made against them. a week.The BSA Layers OFPROTECTION cti n Phraout,eedicated othe coDiniur e c t o oeuextehon c ild b se d Yniz d p rt to nt ed stren gthe r ning o g of S rec cou r, a OepaeionbyPrnos gdreaem tin cto g’s d ire Yo uth on pare t an l a ecti s rv t n d r s . Pa Pro ot to ob rent tec h Pr ope n s ar e en ti on ut re ma tra yico. Adut hadea nudresaedtu lt cou f pol y u lt ilse permsimtedstt p ct he p m Yo ra rag in e p rog ed in g im oSA youth g to tin r att t y b y B p. N o em pr ll- u en co cded t cam og fu t o sleep da aar rs a S r i va ra me b sa he in th cy ll S i vegu owe m mb e ha ft e te of co sa ad ers a r s Prris sakfing sh so nt - Dleye pc”reLueeatdae r s u SA nd of eB an tin t po ec oip po ic n, wdulhs anqd iyrosu a le st t h Th g sp Tawrscht betwee a t ul lic t o nd ac hi e m bwo a d i p s la ies tiv th pr “” le dnta be d t a Al . itie th m er an e ot t th m s. ers ult ec clo me ha is n s s o ry R e p o r ot perpmeirvis ep e co es tt u n dartmpt reporting of an t i ing dult de -on he r h hi ir o n so da tw e-o n ire p o w i t h yo u t h to a y re n t ow r ow a n an “ e d. np np g ng e ct al O te M requconduct uth tri lS riv ha gov a ern son as c ac y ent or sc ou f yo m a en ble es e as tin ha ci riat , es ar gh ta cy o ga suc p pp li su enc pec utin ina g po la ro c tiv sp y. P r i va g ions ially ici n Sco ities uti on guard situat Sco s of in . ian. Parents and Scouts Step 1 Step 3 Parental and Scout Youth Empowerment of Scouts Protection Education Scouts are required to complete Youth Protection training before entering the program and as a requirement for rank advancement. Parents and youth are required to review the BSA’s Youth Protection materials, available at the front of every handbook, The BSA teaches the “three R’s” of youth protection, which convey an as a joining requirement. important message in a clear manner easily understood by youth members: • Recognize situations that place them at risk, how child molesters Step 2 operate, and that anyone could be a molester. • Resist unwanted and inappropriate attention. Resistance will stop Parental Policy Notification most attempts at molestation. Every application for youth membership advises parents about the • Report attempted or actual molestation to a parent or other basic principles of youth protection. trusted adult. This prevents further abuse and helps protect other children. Understand that you will not be blamed for what occurred. Every parent completing a youth membership form acknowledges awareness of the BSA’s Youth Protection policies.Review the complete Boy Scouts of America Youth Protection policy at