Strategic Plan for Central Maryland Executive Version


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2012-2116 Strategic Plan for Central Maryland Executive Version by the Baltimore Area Council Boy Scouts of America

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Strategic Plan for Central Maryland Executive Version

  1. 1. Baltimore Area Council Boy Scouts of America Strategic Plan – Executive Version 2012 – 2016 May 2012 Draft as of 5 June 2012 1  
  2. 2. ContentsAn Overview of the Baltimore Area Council’s Strategic Plan for 2012 – 2016 ……… 3Mission, Oath and Law ………………………………………….……….……………..… 4Strategic Plan Pillars Improving Impact and Participation ……………………………………………… 5 Making Scouting Dynamic and Relevant …………………………………….….… 6 Leveraging Innovation and Technology ………………………………………….… 7 Fostering Youth Advocacy and Strategic Relationships ………………..………… 8 Building Excellence in Leadership and Culture ………………………..…………. 9 Building the Boy Scouts of America Brand ………………………………….……. 10 Strengthening Resources and Finances…………………………………..………… 11 2  
  3. 3.  An Overview of the Baltimore Area Council’s Strategic Plan for 2012 - 2016Building on the strength and success of the Baltimore Area Council’s Strategic Plan for 2008-2012, this plan for 2012 -2016 is organized around seven key themes, referred to as Pillars,called out in the Boy Scouts of America National Plan: • Improving Impact and Participation • Making Scouting Dynamic and Relevant • Leveraging Innovation and Technology • Fostering Youth Advocacy and Strategic Relationships • Building Excellence in Leadership and Culture • Building the Boy Scouts of America Brand • Strengthening Resources and FinancesOur experience with the 2008 -2012 BAC Plan proved the enormous value of a guide map that iscomposed of vision statements and broad, strategic, objectives designed to help us chart adetailed course through challenges and opportunities that will unfold across the life of the plan.For each of the BAC Strategic Pillars identified above, this plan lays out both a Vision andimplementing Objectives: Vision serves as part inspiration and part motivation, describing the broad attributes of the Council’s core missions and outlining the benefits we will achieve for our Scouts, Scouting staff, and the families and communities that host them across the BAC. Objectives define the major building blocks and expected deliverables of our plan in tangible terms that will enable the Council to further refine its deliverables and key performance measures in a succession of detailed yearly plans. The objectives in this plan should then be viewed as enduring, multi-year, initiatives which will be translated and refined into specific actions and tactics year-by-year by the Council’s key committees and board members.As in our previous plan, the Council will be responsible for defining the year-by-yearimplementation plans while the Council’s Vice President of Strategic Initiatives will monitor andreport our progress against the plan to (board, committee, or other) on a quarterly basis.The Baltimore Area Council is now on the doorstep of its second century, poised to extend itsextraordinary legacy of service to Scouts and Scouting across the years ahead. The best is yet tocome. 3  
  4. 4. Mission, Oath and LawBoy Scouts of America – MissionThe mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical choicesover their lifetime by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.Baltimore Area Council – MissionThe Baltimore Area Council will carry out the mission of the Boy Scouts of America inBaltimore City and the five surrounding counties. Our goal is to provide greater opportunities foryouths to participate in Scouting, regardless of the neighborhood in which they live, theireconomic situation, their religion, their race or ethnic background, their physical stature orability, or their family situation. We will do this in part by building and cultivating partnershipswith communities, community organizations, businesses, foundations and individuals.Scout OathOn my honor I will do my best to domy duty to God and my country andto obey the Scout Law;to help other people at all times; tokeep myself physically strong,mentally awake and morallystraight.Scout LawA Scout is trustworthy, loyal,helpful, friendly, courteous, kind,obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave,clean and reverent.Scout MottoBe Prepared 4  
  5. 5. Improving Impact and Participation VisionScouting’s programs reach and make a life-changing difference with kids, adults and families ofall backgrounds and communities.Objective 1: All Markets Initiative - Ensure that all youth, adults and families within localemerging markets have an opportunity to join Scouting regardless of economics,neighborhood, race or ethnicity.Objective 2: Increase Scouting’s Visibility - Fuel the positive membership growth that theBaltimore Area Council has achieved by implementing strategies to attract potential newfamilies through a comprehensive seamless year round marketing plan focused onrecruitment and retentionObjective 3: Community Outreach - Incorporate business relationships to sponsorlocations where we deliver a subsidized program, such as Reginald F. Lewis District,Pathfinders District, and the Learning For Life Program.Objective 4: Increase School Relationships - Continue to foster and build qualityrelationships with public and private schools and their leadership which will culminate inopen – access to youth attending those schools. Identify and recruit key leadership andengage them via all methods available. School announcements, fliers, posters, and in schoolassemblies will continue.Objective 5: Increasing our Customer Base (Membership) - Increase our member basethrough annual Cub Scout, Boy Scout and Venturer growth.Objective 6: Exploring Program - Expand participation and initiatives for career basedExploring programs, to include Health Services, Law Enforcement, Fire and EmergencyServices, and others as may be appropriate.Objective 7: Advancement - Sustain advancement as one of the core methods that the BoyScouts of America utilizes to carry out its mission to build character in America’s youth. 5  
  6. 6. Making Scouting Dynamic and Relevant VisionScouting’s programs are exciting, culturally relevant, and appealing to today’s youth attractingthem at an extraordinary rate and retaining them longer.Objective 1: Ensure Baltimore Area Council, BSA programs match what today’s youthboth want and need.Objective 2: Establish the Baltimore Area Council, BSA as the premier outdoor programprovider and educator in Central Maryland.Objective 3: Build tomorrow’s leaders through comprehensive youth leadershipdevelopment programs.Objective 4: Ensure that adult volunteers and youth leaders in every unit and district aresufficiently trained and actively engaged to provide an outstanding Scouting program. 6  
  7. 7. Leveraging Innovation and TechnologyVisionScouting uses innovation and technology to enhance the program experience of youth and adults.All members of the Baltimore Area Council are connected with the right information andtechnology tools anywhere, anytime, to any device.Objective 1: Continue to upgrade and improve the Baltimore Area Council technologybackbone to meet the ongoing needs of stakeholders.Objective 2: Provide youth, adult volunteers, and employees with innovative technologytools and resources that streamline the dissemination of real-time information to allScouting stakeholders.Objective 3: Annually evaluate the relevancy of the Baltimore Area Council consolidateddatabase and the performance of the communication systems exchanging this information.Objective 4: Sustain nimble Innovation and intuitive Technology and Applications ashallmarks of the Baltimore Area Council information technology infrastructure. 7  
  8. 8. Fostering Youth Advocacy and Strategic Relationships VisionThe Baltimore Area Council, Boy Scouts of America is continually recognized as one of theforemost advocates for youth and youth issues. We are known throughout Central Maryland asa resource for leadership, encouragement, and programs that benefit the youth of ourcommunities. The strategic relationships of the Council extend beyond our charteringorganizations to keep Scouting relevant and nimble enough to adapt to societal changes andneeds.Objective 1: Council Position and Focus – Position the Council as a leading advocate foryouth issues at the forefront of critical and relevant issues in our communities.Objective 2: Youth Advocacy Programming – Establish the Council as a visible communityadvocate for youth health & fitness, education, leadership, community service,environmental awareness, youth safety and any other current issues facing our youth.Objective 3: Growth of Strategic Relationships - Strengthen existing relationships withchartered organizations and build strategic relationships with new organizations throughinnovative alliances and program partnerships.Objective 4: Partnering with Elected Officials and Government Agencies - Partner withstate and local elected officials and government agencies to enable BAC to serve as a majorsource of youth advocacy in the areas of health and fitness, education, leadership,community service, and environmental awareness.  8  
  9. 9. Building Excellence in Leadership and CultureVision:Scouting’s youth, volunteer leaders, and employees exemplify leadership excellence across allaspects of the movement.Objective 1: Demonstrate leadership excellence across the BAC’s Executive Board andDistrict Committees to maximize their impact on our youth through active governance,strong commitment, and visionary guidance.Objective 2: Recruit, develop, rewards and retain talented individuals within the BAC whoprovide excellent professional leadership and management to Scouting.Objective 3: Promote and nurture a corporate culture that enables the BAC to deliver onthe vision for Scouting’s future youth. Adjust BAC programs to remain relevant andadaptive to the needs, preferences, and approaches of an ever-changing society, whilepreserving Scouting’s traditional values. 9  
  10. 10. Building the Boy Scouts of America BrandVision:The Boy Scouts of America enjoy one of the highest brand recognitions in the world. We shoulduse this opportunity to empower our youth and volunteers for continued success as Scoutingstarts its 2nd century. It is important to develop a specific, consistent message highlighting thebenefits scouting offers our youth, families (parents/siblings), and communities.Objective 1: Develop initiatives that message BSA to our youth as: “BE PREPARED forFun, Friends, and Fantastic Adventure”Objective 2: Develop initiatives that message BSA to our families (parents/siblings) as:“BE PREPARED for youth to Develop Leadership Skills & Character, Build Integrity andRespect, Make Good Decisions, and Grow”Objective 3: Develop initiatives that message BSA to our community as: “BE PREPAREDfor an organization that builds CITIZENS who: Are Responsible Future Leaders; Honorand Respect Our Country ; Are Strong Role Models with Positive Ideals; RespectTraditions and Will Shape our Future”Objective 4: Create a Council level committee to help promote the BSA BAC Brandinternally (to Scouting Members) and externally (to the general public). This committeewill work in direct support to District leadership and other council committees to supportaction plan development and achievement of their goals. 10  
  11. 11. Strengthening Resources and Finances   Vision:The Baltimore Area Council maintains a balanced and sustainable funding model that attractssufficient resources to support the programs that fulfill our mission and maintain and enhanceour capital assets for the future.Objective 1: Operations - Maintain and expand the BAC funding model to producebalanced operating budgets and remain debt free while expanding programming.Objective 2: Improvement - Reinvest in BAC capital infrastructure that is critical tosuccessfully fulfilling our mission.Objective 3: Sustainability - Focus on sustainable BAC funding sources that provide betterinsight for the annual budgeting process.Objective 4: Security - Grow the BAC Endowment fund as a priority to provide currentoperating and “rainy day” funds as we look to remain debt free and reinvest in ourprograms for generations to come.Objective 5: Planning – Research and implement long-term (10 - 15 years) BAC programsand financial resources required to maintain relevance and execute our mission over anextended time period. 11