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Job shadow hhs_feb2010

  1. 1. T Chazin Group he Job Shadow Program
  2. 2. TT Chazin Group he Chazin Group heShadowing: The PROs1. Job shadowing enables you to watch a person actually working. You can see how the person reacts, interacts and how things are done. You will not only gain first hand exposure to the job but also environment in which the job is done. Many times these two are totally different and job shadowing can enable you to judge whether you can do justice to it.2. Job shadowing will introduce you to a world of interaction with people - on an official basis. Skills in official communication are extremely important in a job.3. Job shadowing exposes you to the details of the job which otherwise you would have not known.4. Job shadowing can teach a few tricks of the trade through observation. People in a job often use tricks to cut time and save money in their jobs . When you shadow you will find out their short-cuts.5. Job shadowing shows you whether you are compatible or not with the job - it is a good way of testing your fit to the job. 3
  3. 3. TT Chazin Group he Chazin Group heShadowing: The CONs1. Job shadowing - even if it done for a week - will not catch the person really behaving as they would without you around. A person behaves slightly different with a audience, so you may not really catch the nuances of the job.2. The very limited time spent shadowing may distort the real picture; you see the job through a perspective which might not be the actual reality.3. Job shadowing may expose you to best practices that actually do not exist. The person you are shadowing may put on their best appearance for you, thus NOT presenting the reality of working there.4. The brief time there may make the job look better than it is. 4
  4. 4. TT Chazin Group he Chazin Group heDo Your Homework• Find out which organization/company the person that you will be matched with works at: – Use the Internet (Google them, check their website)• Ask Student Center staff, your teachers, guidance counselors, family, friends, coaches, etc. the following questions: – What products does the company you’re going to shadow make and / or services do they provide? – Who are their competitors? 5
  5. 5. TT Chazin Group he Chazin Group he Thank Them AT THE BEGINNING • Understand/appreciate that they’re taking time out of their hectic schedules to participate in the program and give you a guided tour of where they work. • Maintain good eye contact esp. when they are speaking to you. • When they speak to you acknowledge them by saying: “Yes,” “No,” “I see,” “That’s Interesting,” etc. • People LOVE to talk about themselves. 6
  6. 6. TT Chazin Group he Chazin Group he Tips for Shadowing Success • Dress as you would for a job interview. • Bring a notepad to write useful information. • If your professional attends a meeting on your shadow day, ask if you can sit in. You can learn a lot about a companys culture by how meetings are conducted. • Don’t ask personal questions (ex. “How much do you make?”) • Be prepared to get involved and help out. 9
  7. 7. TT Chazin Group he Chazin Group he Observe Their Communications Notice the communication channels in the workplace. Is most communication done by email? Do co-workers frequently communicate with your professional by dropping by his or her workspace? Is communication primarily Phone oriented? Whats the level of formality in your professionals phone conversations? Is there a lot of gossip around the workplace? 11
  8. 8. TT Chazin Group he Chazin Group he Ask LOTS of Questions – How did they get their start there? – What do they do? – What do they like most about their work? • BE ALERT. Focus on EVERY aspect of the workplace: – How clean is it? – How friendly are the employees to each other and outsiders (like you)? – What is the workplace environment like? Think to yourself: “Could I work here?” 12
  9. 9. TT Chazin Group he Chazin Group he Say Hello to Everyone You Meet • SMILE AT ALL TIMES • Shake hands as firmly as they do, if they extend their hand to you. (PRACTICE) • Say “Thank you for speaking with me” to each person your professional introduces you to, that takes the time to talk with you. 13
  10. 10. TT Chazin Group he Chazin Group he Ask Questions Where Appropriate • Base questions on the information they provide to you and you found out when you did your homework. Some examples: – What do they do for [name of company] – What do they enjoy (most) about working there – How long have they been working there – What challenges do they face right now? 14
  11. 11. TT Chazin Group he Chazin Group he Build Rapport to Obtain Feedback • Be aware of the professionals and the organizations needs as youre shadowing, and do your best not to interfere with the normal workflow. • If you have good rapport with the person youre shadowing, consider asking for a resume critique and advice on interviewing at the company, as well as thoughts on coursework, internships, and work experience that will enable you to break into a job at that company. 15
  12. 12. TT Chazin Group he Chazin Group heWhen the Day Is Done• Ask for their business card• Is it alright to keep in touch with them• Send them a “Thank You” note right away 16
  13. 13. TT Chazin Group he Chazin Group heReporting Back• Report back to the Student Center and the other faculty who administer the program how you found the experience.• Let them know how prepared the person was who gave you the tour, how friendly the people you met were, and if they should continue to included this organization in future programs. 17