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Interactive Marketing week 7 Ethan Chazin


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Great tips, resources, best practices and how-to's on Internet Marketing and Interactive Media esp. to plan launch and grow a wildly successful business.

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Interactive Marketing week 7 Ethan Chazin

  1. 1. How tHeHow tHe InternetInternet AffectsAffects ProductsProducts Chapter 7Chapter 7
  2. 2. First…First… More ResourcesMore Resources
  3. 3. • Webmaster Tools • Keyword Tools/Adwords • Website Rankings • Auto Complete • Google Local • Google Insider Great ToolsGreat Tools
  4. 4. • Bing Webmaster More ToolsMore Tools
  5. 5. • On Page Factors: – Update content frequently – Optimized titles & URLs – Optimized Content – Meta Tags • Accessibility • Authority Factors (valued links, known brands, famous authors, celebrities) Optimization FactorsOptimization Factors
  6. 6. • knowen • • SEO Site Explorer ResourcesResources
  7. 7. • Directory Listing Services/Publishers: – Yelp – Tom Tom – Cricket – YellowBook – Merchant • Data Aggregators: – Localeze – Acxiom – InfoGroup – UBL Get ListedGet Listed
  8. 8. Three (Three (33)) Levels ofLevels of ProductProduct
  9. 9. • Core benefitCore benefit: the most fundamental value offered by the product. • Basic/actual productBasic/actual product: the minimum product offering needed to deliver the core benefit. • Augmented benefitAugmented benefit: Features that go beyond a customer’s most basic expectations. What is a “What is a “PRODUCTPRODUCT””
  10. 10. How tHe InternetHow tHe Internet AffectsAffects ProductsProducts
  11. 11. • Services: are dependent upon stored information and can be broken down as routine interactions with customers. • Many services are ideal for delivery via the Internet (ex. travel services.) • Intangibility: The internet can help to make intangible services seem MORE tangible through virtual tours, video clips, and advanced technologies. ServicesServices
  12. 12. • SimultaneitySimultaneity: Since buyers can access the Internet 24x7x365, the buyer and the seller do NOT have to be in the same place at the same time. • HeterogeneityHeterogeneity: You can provide EVERYONE with customized information based on each persons’ interests, hobbies, passions, values, etc. • PerishabilityPerishability: Excess inventory can be liquidated online. Terms to UnderstandTerms to Understand
  13. 13. ProductProduct AugmentAtIonAugmentAtIon
  14. 14. • FedEx customers track their orders online. • Apple customers can download documentation from their website. • Pre and post-sales support and customer care programs. • Fulfillment options. AugmentationAugmentation
  15. 15. How theHow the 2I2Is Affects Affect Product OfferingsProduct Offerings
  16. 16. • Redevelop aspects of the product to meet your own personal needs/requirements. • Firms can provide more personalized/ targeted offerings. • Increases stickiness as customers remain on your website to customize offerings. IndividualizationIndividualization
  17. 17. • Enables firms to offer augmented value by interacting with customers. • Allows companies to quickly gather specific customer information. • Customers can be directly involved in the product development process. • Demands that organizations have the systems and processes to record each customers’ specific needs and give customers access to their account information. • Must support both online and offline customer interactions. InteractivityInteractivity
  18. 18. PersonalizationPersonalization
  19. 19. • First, you register! • Then you can customize the information you receive to match your interests, needs, values, lifestyle, hobbies, political affiliations, favorite reading materials, religious leanings, ethnic, and cultural proclivities, product interests, sexual orientation and activities, volunteer work/community engagement, news preferences, ETC! • IP address, cookies, websites visited, links clicked on, RSS, documents downloaded… DO YOU SEE A PROBLEM?DO YOU SEE A PROBLEM? PersonalizationPersonalization
  20. 20. CustomizationCustomization
  21. 21. market of onemarket of one  Level of customization and  customer service at which a  customer feels that he or she is  an exclusive or preferred  customer of the firm.
  22. 22. • Your customers determine the product features and benefits they want. CustomizationCustomization
  23. 23. How Customers Contribute to Product Development Online
  24. 24. ProductProduct LifecycLeLifecycLe
  25. 25. How tHe internet Affects Product deveLoPment
  26. 26. • “Learn as you go” approach • Sense and respond With the Internet…With the Internet…
  27. 27. • Idea GenerationIdea Generation • Idea ScreeningIdea Screening • Concept Development • Product Design • Prototype Development • Test Marketing • Commercialization Product Development ProcessProduct Development Process
  28. 28. Finding and evaluatingFinding and evaluating NEW IDEASNEW IDEAS
  29. 29. ““GoodGood is theis the EnemEnem yy OfOf Great.Great. ””
  30. 30. in every tyPe ofin every tyPe of orgAnizAtion tHAtorgAnizAtion tHAt trAnsforms fromtrAnsforms from goodgood toto greAtgreAt,, certAin quALitiescertAin quALities existexist.
  31. 31. ““Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe isdo what you believe is great workgreat work. . .”.”
  32. 32. That’s How It’sThat’s How It’s ALWAYSALWAYS Been DoneBeen Done
  33. 33. DO ITDO IT ApproachApproach
  34. 34. DD DefineDefine the problemthe problem OO OpenOpen your mind & applyyour mind & apply creative techniquescreative techniques II IdentifyIdentify the Solutionthe Solution TT TransformTransform : implement the: implement the solution using an action plansolution using an action plan
  35. 35. Task Owner Contributors Start End Contingencies Status 1. Find new meeting space for your staff Dominika Shelly Ann 12/1 12/15 Available capacity Open 1a: Plan future “Going Green” programs Supapan Paravee 11/20 12/1 “Buy in from Senior Mgt” Planned 2. Create funding program for company entrepreneu rs Yasmin Dominika 01/12 03/12 Funding availability In developm ent
  36. 36. BrainwritingBrainwriting
  37. 37. The DisneyThe Disney Creative StrategyCreative Strategy
  38. 38.  DreamerDreamer  RealistRealist  CriticCritic Go through all 3Go through all 3 stagesstages
  39. 39. StarburstingStarbursting
  40. 40. Star-burstingStar-bursting Idea/Issue/ Challenge WHO WHAT HOW WHERE WHEN WHY
  41. 41. MetaphoricalMetaphorical ThinkingThinking
  42. 42. Attribute ListingAttribute Listing
  43. 43. Maintenance Housing Childcare Summer Camp HVAC Systems Painting Summer Job Training Counselor Training Waste Disposal Rent Collection On-Premises Daycare Program Development
  44. 44. 44 PerspectivePerspective Approach!Approach!• Product/Service Perspective: Is something WRONG with the product? • Planning Perspective: Are our business plans faulty? • Potential Perspective: If we increase our workload, projects, service offerings, how would we achieve this? • People Perspective: Do we have the right people in the right jobs?
  45. 45. Problem Perspective:  X  X Planning Perspective:  X  X Potential Perspective:  X  X People Perspective:  X  X Problem Being AddressedProblem Being Addressed
  46. 46. “Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity.” JosephJoseph SugarmanSugarman