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Business Communications Week 8 Ethan Chazin


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Awesome business communications strategies, tips, and resources provided by Ethan Chazin for entrepreneurs, start-ups, small biz owners and professionals

Published in: Technology, Business
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Business Communications Week 8 Ethan Chazin

  1. 1. CABCAB 0002/010002/01 BusinessBusiness CommunicationsCommunications
  2. 2. Use Pictures toUse Pictures to CommunicateCommunicate Complex IssuesComplex Issues
  3. 3. Dan Roam: Back of the Napkin v=AeE1WT9M1Ng
  4. 4. GreatGreat PresentationsPresentations
  5. 5. Great Presentations
  6. 6. Finding Your OwnFinding Your Own CommunicationCommunication STYLE
  7. 7. message-out-when-people-arent-listening-properly What’s Your “STYLE” • ThinkerThinker (Structure, logic, organization, problem solving) • FeelerFeeler (Expression, human interaction, projecting feelings) • Intuitor (Imagination, theory, envisioning, speculation) • SensorSensor (Doing, competing, getting results)
  8. 8. What’s Your STYLESTYLE?Great
  9. 9. G
  10. 10. G
  11. 11. G www. communication-a-la-steve-jobs/