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Ecommerce trends for 2017 ppt

It’s time to start developing a robust e-commerce marketing strategy to sustain in this rapidly growing e-commerce landscape. As a matter of fact, this huge market attracts different kind of brands which will make the competition tougher.

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Ecommerce trends for 2017 ppt

  2. 2. Introduction According to industry experts, online sales will experience a growth from $335 billion in 2015 to a whopping $523 in the year 2020 which comes to a growth of 9.32% per year. In this post, we’ve outlined 12 e-commerce trends that will probably take the year 2017 by storm and you, as an e-commerce business owner, needs to take these under consideration to ensure your online as well as offline sales growth.
  3. 3. Mobile Ecommerce Though most of e-commerce entrepreneurs are aware of the importance of mobile marketing as well as digital media and probably have moved their websites to responsive designs or have considered strategies to reach the users on their mobiles, many still consider mobile e-commerce as an afterthought and something which is ‘good to have’ but not necessary Read More Here…..
  4. 4. Customer Experience Another e-commerce trend that is likely to rock 2017 is the increased significance of customer retention than that of customer acquisition. Most people who can access internet easily already shop online and hence they’re well aware of the selection power they have Read More Here…..
  5. 5. Big Data Analytics Regardless of its size, any business can enjoy the advantages of big data analytics. As the e-commerce landscape is gaining huge momentum in terms of opportunities and potential, online shopping is becoming one of the most preferred options. Ecommerce business owners now need to reach new consumers with tailor-made offers. Read More Here…..
  6. 6. Selling on Social Network Today, ‘Buy’ buttons can be found on almost every social network sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. According to e-commerce trends, consumers want their shopping experiences to be most convenient and fast at the same time. Read More Here…..
  7. 7. Chatbots (Virtual Shopping Assistance) Chatbots use Instant Messaging, which is one of the platforms that people are most comfortable with. While some shoppers may use them just for the fun quotient, serious shoppers too can use them to make a purchase decision. Sale of simple or familiar products can get a boost with chatbots. Read More Here…..
  8. 8. Making feel and touch E-commerce is still fighting the touch-and-feel quotient offered by brick-and- mortar stores. To make up for it, e-commerce trends show a growing tendency to use various modes for giving as many product details as possible to the potential customer. From using multiple HD pictures of your product variants to offering a 360 degree view of the product and close-ups of various features, e-stores are using all of them to woo shoppers. Read More Here…..
  9. 9. Real time analysis Since your online store remains open round-the-clock, you need to be proactive and spot trends and patterns rather than act reactive. That’s why you need analytics that offer real-time updates and help you to catch issues (like a problem during checkout) as they occur, or trigger follow-up emails etc. Read More Here…..
  10. 10. Same day delivery options As Amazon raises the bar by offering same day delivery with its Prime, businesses are facing a tough task of matching up with customer expectations of getting their ordered products as soon as possible. This is especially so in case of particular products (such as food, baby products, dresses for special events, home and hygiene goods etc) and times of the year (like the holiday season, July 4 th etc). Read More Here…..
  11. 11. Free shipping For a majority of shoppers, free shipping is an attractive offer. No wonder many e-commerce retailers are using it to woo their customers. You too can use the same though it would be wiser to weave in the shipping costs with your product price to steer clear of potential losses, if any. Read More Here…..
  12. 12. More payment options Though internet banking and credit cards are the prevalent payment options for long, many shoppers aren’t comfortable sharing their credit card details with an e- commerce retailer. That’s why the trend is to offer customers diverse payment options like MasterPass by MasterCard, PayPal, by Visa, BitCoin, ApplePay, Google Wallet, and prepaid cards that customers can reload for use. Read More Here…..
  13. 13. Easy returns An IMRG study showed that the overall satisfaction with returns services took a beating to drop to 61% in 2015 from 68% in 2014. No wonder the quality of return services plays a key role in deciding from which e-commerce stores or retailers customers will buy from. As customers today expect more from their e-commerce stores, a growing emphasis is given on clear returns policies Read More Here…..
  14. 14. Selection of best e-commerce platform When choosing a platform for your e-commerce store, you should consider several factors. To begin with, consider your stock size and make sure you are paying the minimum amount for the services that you will require to run your store. Whether you are selling physical products (that would need provisions for shipping cost) or digital products is another factor to consider while choosing a platform as it should meet your specific needs. Read More Here…..
  15. 15. Conclusion Since the e-commerce landscape is changing rapidly, it becomes important to spot and respond quickly to the latest trends. If you fall behind and wait to act reactively, you will soon lose out on your client base.
  16. 16. Thank You

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  • NiharihaAngelMary

    Feb. 6, 2018

It’s time to start developing a robust e-commerce marketing strategy to sustain in this rapidly growing e-commerce landscape. As a matter of fact, this huge market attracts different kind of brands which will make the competition tougher.


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