Simple checklist for content creation - mind map


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Graphical version of our DIY checklist.

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Simple checklist for content creation - mind map

  1. 1. Simple checklist for content creation<br />>> 3 steps for better content marketing <br />1. Consult this checklist every single time you produce new content for your company. What else could you do with the fresh material you just wrote? <br />Journalist. What kind of journalist could benefit of the material you wrote? How do you pitch him? <br />Landing page. What is the selling point that you will add to this information? How do you transform it into PPC campaign?<br />Blog article. What picture would you use to accompany this idea so it may become blog post? <br />EBook. Is there any existing material that you can add to what you just wrote and publish short ebook/white paper online? <br />Press release. What additional information do you need to prepare press release out of this material? <br />Presentation. Is there any presentation in the near future which can be based on your freshly written material? Or could you prepare session for clients with this info? <br />Newsletter. What type of customer would be interested to get this information through email? <br />Social media. Why don’t you just go and share this information on Tumblr? On Twitter? Or Flickr? OrFacebook? <br />Chart. What data do you need to make chart out of this information?<br />Picture/scheme. How would you sketch this information? Draw simple picture of this material. What would it be? <br />Forward it to partners of your company, or your colleagues. Who could benefit of getting this information? Client? Friend? Agency? Media partner? Blogger? <br />PR article. Where do you place it as paid advertorial? <br />Competition. What would be the prize if you made the competition out of the material? What would be the task for customers taking part in competition? <br />While checking the list, make sure you think positive. The questions you just read are put in positive way on purpose! It helps you focus on solution rather than think of barriers. <br />P.S.: Explanatory email messages sent to colleagues or clients count as new content, too! <br />2. Write down your thoughts<br />Don’t just think of possibilities. Do the job and write down your thoughts. It will help you pass ideas on your colleagues/agency, tell your bosses or simply focus your mind and come up with clear picture of what should be done. <br />Example: What can I do with the checklist I just produced?<br />>> Journalists. <br />- Adam Javurek. He writes on copywriting and teaches at university at the same time. Send him this article by email, and ask him for permission to contact him in the future, too. <br />- Strategie in Czech republic. Send it to editor-in-chief, you promised him to get in touch if you have something interesting! <br />- Strategie in Slovakia. Approach Petra Prekopova after the meeting you have with her on Thursday. <br />- Haszon magazine in Hungary. Just to see how they are doing. <br />- Taboo magazine/Serbia. Good way to introduce yourself. <br />Also, let them publish it together with this example if they can. It will create healthy amount of controversy and start debate on many ways you can work with content on the internet or generally in the marketing. <br />>> Landing page<br />So what is the selling point for Etarget? It is more of educational stuff this time. If you teach people on many ways they can use content for internet marketing, the better for Etarget. <br />>> Blog article<br />This IS the blog article already, can’t you see? I will accompany it with nice picture of man who they can identify with. <br />>> EBook<br />Wow, this doesn’t need any additional information and I can spread it over internet as an EBook! <br />>> Press release<br />Just make an ebook first, then send it out to the rest of journalists as press release. Simple, isn’t it? <br />>> Presentation<br />Oh man, I was thinking so hard what to do with the Barcamp presentation. Now I know! <br />>> Newsletter<br />Sure thing. It could be interesting for most of our customers that look for new ways to expand their reach. <br />>> Social media<br />- post screenshots of published articles on Flickr<br />- tweet about articles that are published on the blog<br />- post excerpt of material on Tumblr<br />- facebook page would be nice, too. Organize presentation of this material in the company and invite some people? <br />>> Chart<br />Chart is always nice to accompany the text and spread the message. Pie chart would be nice in this case. Ammount of time spent to produce this checklist – 80%. Ammount of time to expand on it – 20%. Short text under the chart: by working 20% percent more on your content, you can get results thousand times better. <br />>> Picture/scheme<br />Simple cycle of steps, word smart art would be more than enough: 1. Go through checklist then 2. Write it down 3. Get done, deliver and manage<br />>> Forward to partners/colleagues. Customer support staff would be great for forwarding this article. Media agencies even better. <br />>> PR article. is the place.<br />>> Competition. Write the best slogan in the world. Prize: Webcopywriting with Adam Javurek/one ticket. <br />3. Manage, deliver and measure<br />