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Atelier "journée de la société civile" - PGO


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Atelier de lancement de la co-construction du Sommet mondial PGO (20 avril 2016).

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Atelier "journée de la société civile" - PGO

  1. 1. OGP Summit: Le CSO Day Paris | April 20, 2016
  2. 2. Civil society is at the core of OGP
  3. 3. The role of OGP Summits & Events
  4. 4. OGP events always have a CSO Day
  5. 5. Le CSO Day, Paris 2016 • Objectives • What are some objectives you’d like to walk away with from this platform/space? • Formats • What would allow for the most inclusive, effective interaction? • How structured should it be to organize the large group into smaller units according to thematic interest, sectors, regions, etc. • Topics • What themes would you like to discuss with fellow CSOs from France and other parts of the world? • What are some topics that cut across sectors and geographies?
  6. 6. Your role in the overall OGP Summit • Must-have topics • Must-have speakers • Ensuring a balance in the programme Mail: | Twitter: @maassenpaul | Skype: maassenpaul