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Valtech : digital-convergence


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Published in: Technology
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Valtech : digital-convergence

  1. 1. Creative Digital Marketing Technology Convergence of Digital Commerce Trends Customer Experience Shiv Kumar MN Practice Head – eCommerce Valtech India
  2. 2. Commerce continues to be customer-centric, there is no change!
  3. 3. As with transformational shifts, the Digital Commerce lost its plot initially….
  4. 4. Customer driven experience demands…. Convergence. When you do not deliver a superior experience in a particular channel, the customers do not blame the channel, they blame your brand
  5. 5. Market forecasts  World-wide 2014 B2C eCommerce $1.5 trillion(1)  2014: For the first time, consumers in Asia-Pacific will spend more on ecommerce purchases than those in North America(2)  2014: Average 135% y-o-y growth in sales from smartphones and 86 percent from tablets (3)  71% of India retailers plan to increase social media marketing budget (4)  “Online, offline, it’s gotta be the same” Angela Ahrendts, Burberry Ex-CEO (1), (2): eMarketer research Feb 2014 (3): Jan 2014 (4): RAI, India Retail e-Marketing Study 2013
  6. 6. Customer words and facts…. “In my business, average in-fashion time is about 6-weeks, and driven by mobile savvy on-the-go youth. I know how to manage my brick-andmortar store, tell me how do I keep my digital commerce aligned to our fast market” – Fast youth fashion retailer from Australia “We want an Ecommerce platform localized for 23 countries” – Pan-European office supplies company “We want to be closer to our customer, ideally in his pocket” – World’s leading Industrial gases company from Germany “Luxurious digital experience for our customers, in-store, online and on-thedevice” – World’s leading French luxury and fashion company
  7. 7. eCommerce is Human to Human (H2H) Credit: H2H: a term conceptualized by Bryan Kramer
  8. 8. H2H demands a Cultural shift of valuing your customers. Not merely treating them as a category, segment or business unit…. content  Awesome interactions  Exceptional Service  Personalized Credit: H2H: a term conceptualized by Bryan Kramer
  9. 9. Progressive Convergence Strategy Audience Focused Content Focused Platform Focused
  10. 10. Why do we need to build a platform and not a website? A new touch point for the same consumer at different stages and times! Customer Touch-points
  11. 11. Our digital solutions empower marketing to brand, reach, engage with customers like never before.
  12. 12. A well-rounded Strategic Digital Offering. Web Development Social Mobile Analytics Digital Marketing Project Management QA Technical Architecture Technical Implementation
  13. 13. Thank you Meet us @ Stall #33