Tarun Arora- ATOM- eTailing India Conclave Jaipur- 2013


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Tarun Arora- ATOM- eTailing India Conclave Jaipur- 2013

  1. 1. Payment Solutions for eCommerceTarun Arora
  2. 2. ConfidentialBasic Facts• Country of over 1.20 billion people with over 900 million mobile connections.• 140 million+ Internet subscribers• 18 million+ credit cards, 350 million+ debit cards, still a large part of the country isunbanked• Mobile payments introduced around 5 years back• RBI introduced mobile payments guidelines around 3 years back• IMPS(Immediate payment Service) introduced by NPCI around a year back thuspermitting interoperability between banks’ mobile banking systems• Electronic commerce has seen acceptability in the last three years with India beingamong fastest growing online market and has registered about 40% growth in about ayear• About 75% of total ecommerce in India is related to travel & tourism, and about 12.5%is online retailing• India has a close to 10 million online shoppers and is growing at en estimated 30%CAGR vis-à-vis a global growth rate of 8-10%
  3. 3. ConfidentialMarket Scenario• Retail category has seen peculiar growth with a lot of retailers pushing for trials among consumersthrough discounts and freebies. This is a changing trend as consumers having tried onlineshopping; the credibility of these sites will further bolster the transaction volume on retail sites.Among all retail sites apparel and lifestyle goods have seen an early adoption among consumers.This again is a growing trend and we see a good amount of contribution in dollar share andtransaction share coming from lifestyle categories along with home furnishing and lifestyle goods.• Comparison shopping has been on a growth and the need to compare and consume in Indiaacross other online categories like travel, shows a similar consumer behaviour in retail category.In the coming months, expect more and more consumers relying on online research of productsfor features and prices.• Online retail has seen a heavy overlap with social networking and search due to aggressivemarketing and strong inclination towards social commerce. We expect a larger portion of onlineretail from social commerce with India positioning itself as one of the fastest growing socialnetworked user base and also larger size of social groups.• To conclude, e-Commerce has seen tremendous growth in the last few years. Models like Cash onDelivery, Mobile POS and other consumer centric payment options and improved service qualitywill boost overall sales. It is definitely the most exciting phase among online retailers andconsumers as this learning curve will put India on the global map as one of the largest e-commerce markets in the coming months.
  4. 4. ConfidentialPayment Instruments• Credit Cards• Debit Cards• Net Banking / Direct Debit• Pre-paid Cards / eWallets / mWallets• Cash on Delivery• Card on Delivery• Standing Instructions / ECS• IMPS(Immediate payment services)
  5. 5. ConfidentialTechnologies adoptedConfidential• Easy to spread• Experiential• Alternate modesavailable like SMS(Ubiquitous) /USSD (OperatorSpecific)• Easy to access• In PersontransactionPOS /Mobile POSInternetIVRMobile(GPRSApplication)
  6. 6. ConfidentialTechnology features• Internet• Standard Integration Kits• Availability of Integration with standard shopping carts & framework• Secure using encryption over an above HTTPS• Mail based invoicing Solution• IVR• Multi Lingual support• Anytime / Anywhere accessibility• No training required for Usage• Multiple Variants (Inbound, Outbound dialers, Automated, Agent Assisted, Integrated)• Option for Multiple Payment Instruments• Customer Identification based on Caller Id.• Mobile• Availability to add service into standard product• Customizable white labeled solution• Availability on different OS• For handsets which are not capable of hosting any application, WAP / USSD / SMS based solutions aresupported• End to End Encrypted
  7. 7. ConfidentialFeatures / Services to look out for• Security• Express Checkout• Reconciliation Mechanism• Refund Processing• Browser Compatibility• Integration with different Carts
  8. 8. ConfidentialVisit us at: http://www.atomtech.in