eTailing India Jaipur Conclave- 2013- Ashish Jhalani


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eTailing India Jaipur Conclave- 2013- Ashish Jhalani

  1. 1. Ashish JhalaniFounder & CEO – eTailing IndiaWhat isWhat isWhat isWhat iseCommerceeCommerceeCommerceeCommerce???? OriginsEvolutionFuture
  2. 2. What is eCommerce???
  3. 3. What is eCommerceWhat is eCommerceWhat is eCommerceWhat is eCommerce• Common Definition - eCommerce (or electronic commerce)refers to the buying and selling of goods and services viaelectronic channels, primarily the Internet.
  4. 4. What is eCommerceWhat is eCommerceWhat is eCommerceWhat is eCommercePerception RealityeCommerce is only when people buygoods onlineeCommerce exists in many forms, such aseTailing, M-commerce, T-Commerce, S-Commerce etc.eCommerce only happens when you buyonlineWhen you look for the best price for a goodonline, it constitutes eCommerce. In factSearch and Ads are two of the biggestcomponents of eCommerceeCommerce is a recent phenomenon eCommerce has been around for over threedecades in various forms such as onlineordering, electronic catalogues, automateddata management systems, payment gatewaysolutions etc.
  5. 5. Forms of eCommerceForms of eCommerceForms of eCommerceForms of eCommerce• eCommerce has grown over the past 3o years and hastaken many forms most common of which are:eTailingBuying and selling goodsonline thru online sites,marketplaces etc.M-CommerceBuying or selling of goodsthrough a mobile deviceusing online paymentmechanismsT-CommerceThe most recent form ofeCommerce and refers tobuying goods & servicesusing a TVS-CommerceSocial Commerce usingvarious aids such asshopping tools, socialnetworks etc.
  6. 6. eCommerceeCommerceeCommerceeCommerce –––– InterestingInterestingInterestingInteresting FactsFactsFactsFacts050100150200250300USA China Japan/FranceSize of Market ($Billion)IndiaSize of market currently at $1Billion, growing at a fast pace1982: FranceTelecomintroduces OnlineOrdering1990: Tim Bernerslaunches WorldWide Web (WWW)1995: Jeff Bezoslaunches Amazon1996: IndiaMartlaunched as a B2BMarketplace2003: Amazonposts its firstyearly profitChinaSet tobecome thelargest eComMarketEuropeSingleLargest blockUSACurrentLargesteCommerceMarket
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  8. 8. eCommerceeCommerceeCommerceeCommerce –––– Evolution of Modern RetailEvolution of Modern RetailEvolution of Modern RetailEvolution of Modern RetailAncient Retail• Based on Barter• Introduction ofMoney simplifiedbuying process• Trade limited tophysical touch &accessibilityIntermediateRetail• System based onlarge companies &retail stores• Electronic Paymentssimplifies buyingfurtherModern Retail• eCommerce inmultiple forms andformats• Omni-Channel retailtakes over withmultiple optionsacross the entirespectrum of services
  9. 9. Modern RetailModern RetailModern RetailModern Retail ---- FormatsFormatsFormatsFormatsB2CLargest form ofeCommerce acrossthe worldDominated byLarge GlobalCompanies such asAmazonB2BMostly Regionalwith some GlobalplayersDominated byCompanies such asAlibaba.ComC2CEarliest form ofcommerce itself,starting withbarterDominated byLarge Players suchas eBayMarketplaces – Common across all 3 formats
  10. 10. IndiaIndiaIndiaIndia ---- Challenges & FutureChallenges & FutureChallenges & FutureChallenges & FutureChallenges Reality FutureInternet ConnectivityInternet Connectivity limited anddependent on fixed lines or opticfibresWireless internet along with more and morereliance on mobiles to access internet wouldchange the face on online shopping. MoreIndians own a mobile than a laptop or internetconnectionLimited PaymentOptionsLess than 0.1% of country’stotal population and less than3% of online shoppers owncredit or debit cardsM-Commerce, M-Wallet and Cross-Channelpayments to release the true potential oreCommerce in the country leapfrogging theneed to hold a credit card at allTouch & FeelTouch & Feel act as a majorinfluencer in buying decisionsAugmented Reality to change the way shopperbuy and make decisions
  11. 11. Thank you