Gati : State of Logistics in India


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Gati : State of Logistics in India

  1. 1. Growth of ecommerce Logistics Industry in India
  2. 2. Current State-India ecommerce
  3. 3. Change in Shopping trends Period Changing Trends 1970-1990 No option for Consumer 1990-2000 Liberalization came, People started getting attracted towards Brand 2000-2010 Shift in Consumer Behavior Post 2010 M-Commerce, Social Commerce, Boom in E-commerce
  4. 4. • A Glance at India • $ 14 Billion Market(2012) • India has close to 10 million online shoppers and is growing at an estimated 30%(13 Million in 2013) • According to Forrester, the e-commerce market in India is set to grow fastest in APAC region at a CAGR of over 57% between 2012-2016
  5. 5. E-Commerce in India Early Years Things are improving now Delay in deliveries Technology automation Poor product quality No manufacturer warranty Missing part in shipment Lack of Communication Sell product and services Better integration with vendors No question ask return policies Differentiation Build relationship with customers
  6. 6. Understanding Rise in ecommerce • E-COMMERCE MAKES LIFE EASY.! BUYING ONLINE MEANS :"  Quick & easy shopping"  Access to otherwise unattainable products"  More choice & better prices"  24/7"  Recommendations from peers & experts
  8. 8. How can you make out of it? • E-COMMERCE ALSO MEANS GREAT OPPORTUNITIES!!
  9. 9. Contribution of Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities to Indian E-Commerce In India, it’s about penetration. Most of the logistics providers restrict themselves to Metros and Tier1 cities. But the real ecommerce lies in the tier2 and Rural India
  10. 10. Logistics and ecommerce  Development of ecommerce is 5-6 times faster than that of the logistic and express delivery industry.  ecommerce venture stands on four major pillars to be successful. Website Logistics Payment Gateway Promotions The fast emergence of ecommerce in India has opened a new vista for logistics companies across the country, especially for the express logistics companies. Preceded by retail, it is now e-tail to determine the fortune of many of the logistics service providers in India.
  11. 11. Logistics and ecommerce Boom in ecommerce has resulted in: Dedicated ecommerce divisions within traditional logistics players Emergence of new ecommerce logistic specialist Focus on both “Click and Ship” Logistics is becoming a key support factor in the success of both the existing and new entrants ecommerce forms a leading factor in the growth of India’s logistics industry e-commerce is a big opportunity and logistics companies are moving fast to build the right capabilities and capacity
  12. 12. Challenges for E-Commerce companies in India Reverse Logistics Maintaining Customer relationship Trust of party vendor Ship to delivery time Package Cost(Separate delivery for same order) Cost per kg and collection cost for COD orders Size of product(Weight and Volume) Statutory requirements Pin code reach and COD 3rd COD problem, can be solved following the China Model, where 80-85% prepaid happens now and 15 % COD
  13. 13. How Gati can be helpful • Gati E-Connect is the e-Commerce solutions vertical of Gati Ltd, India’s pioneer and leaders in Express Distribution and Supply Chain Solutions. • We provide multiple solutions for the e-Tailers: – Hub to hub movement of goods - Last Mile Delivery – Packing - COD facility – Warehousing - Reverse/return pick ups – IT and Automation solutions - Dedicated Customer Care Reach across 653 out of 657 districts , 6700+ direct pin codes and 1000 special pin codes,4 E-fulfillment centers and 61 ware houses across India. • • End-to-end e-Commerce Logistics Solutions provider
  14. 14. Premium Services Express Services Same Day Pick and Pack Reverse Pick up • High Speed Air cargo movement service • High Speed Surface cargo movement service • Movement of refused shipments back to the vendor • Designed to deliver time critical shipments • Direct connectivity to major locations in India. • Shipment picked, packed and delivered to customer on the same day as ordered • Assures delivery attempts within 24 hrs, 48 hrs and +48 hrs • Synchronized Hub & Spoke system for swift and safe delivery • High speed Air cargo movement service •8 Air Transit Centers 27 Air Operating center • Fleet of over 4000 vehicles, 500 bikes. 782 routes across India • Packing centres at Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai • Highly time critical • Movement of replacements asked by the customer
  15. 15. Our Offerings Packing Solution COD: Cash on Delivery Unmatched Reach - Deliveries in across India and SAARC Diverse Fleet catering to all sizes of Shipments Extensive use of IT and Automation-Tracking system, Customer Portal ,Mobile Application, IT Network Dedicated customer care centre E-fulfillment Centers at New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai(Pick and pack solution and Warehousing) E-Com Fleet • 4000 plus vehicles • 500 plus bikes Dedicated customer service team for e-Com • 30 agents • 9 e-Com client coordinators • 2 return pickup • 24/7 365 days support • Average of 2,00,000 dockets booked per month
  16. 16. Thank You