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Gravity personalizaton intro

  1. 1. Success storiesEszter NAGYEnter date in master
  2. 2. The problem of the site Visitors’ frustration by Choice Overload ?2
  3. 3. The solutionWe offer a solution that would learn each user’s taste and display them items that match the visitor’s taste very closely3
  4. 4. The winner technology is available for you That result in online business • Membership revenue increase by 5-20% • Increase customer retention rate by 5-20% • Increase cross-website traffic by 20-100% • Increase average page views by 20-100% • Increase CTR by 50-100% • Increase overall user satisfaction
  5. 5. SERVICES Web site recommendations Recommends the products your customers will most likely to buy Smart newsletter Integrating to your email marketing software, send emails exactly when your customers will read them, with the exact products they want to buy Personalized retargeting Re-engage and convert high- intent prospects with personalized banners on sites you advertise on. Dynamically changing landing pages Unlimited number of custom landing pages generated real time, automatically – the moment a visitor enters your site from a search engine. Smart search Guess visitors queries as they begin to type them, rank search results based on what they are most likely to buy.5
  6. 6. LiveJasminLiveJasmin has the winner technology of Gravity R&D• - it is a constant TOP 50 web site• adult video chat site with thousands of performers online in several categoriesGeneral usage info• Globally deployed, visitors served from multiple data centers• 50M+ unique visitors per months• 600 000 active performersThe recommendation solution – provided by Gravity• Over 50M recommendations generated/day• System has been configured to be able to generate up to 6000 recommendations/sec• White label enabled service• 99,9% uptime guaranteed with 50ms average response timeResults of the recommendations 5.71% direct increase in revenue 5.4% increase in the time spent on site 1.3% increase in user’s activity
  7. 7. Randivonal - datingLeading online dating portal in Hungary• Member of Holtzbrinck Group• 1.000.000+ registered users• 800.000 daily page viewsGoal: increase conversion on the personal tip boxMethod• A/B test with existing recommendation solution• Unique recommendation algorithms needed: the „products” are also personsResults 2.5x more conversations between people 25.6% increase in premium subscriptions
  8. 8. Schibsted classified our partnerSchibsted Hungary and Gravity R&D were recognized with the ICMA Show Me the Money 2012 award for their Dynamic Personalization InnovationOnline classified ads site in Hungary• EUR 1.5M traffic per day• 750 000 items uploaded• A Schibsted Classified Media siteGoal: increase ad detail views• Increase the number of contacts madeMethod• Extensive A/B testing against in-house solution• Unique algorithms that increase user engagement both on item and listing pagesResults 33% increase in contacts made 10.47% increase page views / visits
  9. 9. Bonusz Brigad – Coupon SiteLeading social shopping site in Hungary•Over EUR 7.5 million in savingsGoal: increase conversion rates and revenuesMethod:•Full customer experience integration•Extensive A/B testing against in-house solution•Special algorithm – to make accurate recommendations froma small number of itemsResults:•22,37% revenue increase on website purchase•11,38% revenue increase from newsletters
  10. 10. – Auction• most dynamically growing auction portal in CEE region, member of Allegro Group(about 10+ auction and media sites in the portfolio)•16 million page impressions of front page per week (in average)•3.6M auctions per months•1.5M registered usersKey objectives of recommendation solution•faster search & discovery by recommendations•increasing the bid value of goods•easing the discovery and findings of goodsResults based on 3 months average•Better banner conversion: 5.08% of all bids by the recommender•Increased bid value: 5.98% of all bid values by recommender•Better product discovery: 2.1x more bids compared to in-house solutions
  11. 11. The Netflix PrizeLargest DVD rental company in the US• Oct 2006: Netflix Prize competition starts• Goal: to outperform the recommendation performance of Netflix’s in-house developed Cinematch system by 10%• Prize: $1.000.000The benefits of quality recommendations• Increase customer life-time value – 1 months increase results in 80-90 million USD/year average extra income• Customers upgrade their plan – 5 USD/month/customer extra incomeUSD 120 Million + additional revenue due to quality recommendationGravity & The Ensemble outperformed Netflix’s Cinematch by 10.1%
  12. 12. Contact uswww.gravityrd.comsales@gravityrd.comFor the latest trends and