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Self medication -diapos


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Self medication -diapos

  1. 1. Self-medication is a type of conduct that involves taking medications as the patient's own initiative, on the advice of the pharmacist or health of any person.
  2. 2. Self-medication is the act by which we medicate ourselves with no prescription, which some drugs lead to dependence and therefore the mass consumption of them.
  3. 3. SELF- MEDICATION AS AN EXPLANATION FOR ADDICTION exec is using for a long time causes significant damage Hepatitis, cirrhosis, depression, social and family problems seek to reduce pain and anxiety
  4. 4. •Opioids •Central nervous system depressant •Stimulants •Pain relieves •Antibiotics •laxatives
  5. 5. vomiting Mood change deathComa Reduction in the cognitive function Decreasd respiratory function OPIOIDS
  6. 6. convuls ions Slow the heart rate and the respiration death
  7. 7. Lead to heart feilure or seizures Dangerously high body temperature Irregular heart rhythm The person to become agresive or paranoid
  8. 8. The pain is only a symptom and abusing painkillers, masking the manifestation of the Agency with respect to any underlying disease
  9. 9. destroy not only the germs that you want to remove, but also the intestinal flora which can cause damage the immune system of the colon.
  10. 10. Prolonged use of laxatives leads to addiction and just hampers evacuation in a natural way
  11. 11. Self-Medication of Migraine Headaches with Freebase Cocaine
  12. 12. 1. •Cocaine is a commonly abused drug with a high potential for adverse consequences, although the etiology of cocaine dependence is complex. 2. •Additional support is provided by a number of case reports which describe patients who apparently used cocaine to self-medicate either affective disorders or attention deficit disorder.
  13. 13. He started to smoke freebase cacaine, so he noticed immediate and complete relief lasting between five and fifteen minutes He repeated this pattern for the next three headaches he had. Then, he began to use cocaine even when he did not have a headache. Gradually, his use of cocaine escalated until he was consuming between 10 to 14 grams every two weeks at a cost of $1000. The patient was a 29 year old man who began having headaches at age 23. 1. 4. 3. 2 .
  14. 14. The treatment consisted of individual and group therapy that was supplemented by drug education. An ergotamine preparation was prescribed for the headaches, and instructions were given for optimal use. During the 28 days of inpatient treatment, the patient remained free of cocaine and experienced only one headache Following the inpatient program, he was discharged to a half-way house for recovering substance abusers.
  15. 15. Two factors that Initiated cocaine use Initially, however, when self- medication was his motive, he was able to terminate his cocaine use when the migraine symptoms subsided. Perpetuated addictive use. Their relationship with the chemical eventually supersedes prior relationships with other people and activities. In this patient.
  17. 17. THANKS