Webinar on Oracle Application Express is a Game Changer


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Join us on this webinar on Thursday, October 30 @ 12:00PM GST to learn how Dynamic Actions – Enhanced Dynamic Actions allow developers to create highly interactive, web 2.0 applications declaratively and much more.

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Webinar on Oracle Application Express is a Game Changer

  1. 1. Webinar Date & Time: Wednesday, October 30 @ 12:00PM GST Date & Time- Thursday, October 30 @ 12:00PM GST Oracle Application Express (APEX) is an easy Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool for developing web based applications. Many people have yet to really discover and utilize its unique strengths, although number of years passed since its release. Are you new to Apex? Then you must be having many questions including: What can Apex do for me or my organization? What features are available "out of the box" and can I extend the product if needed? Is it secure and can it scale? And, How can I save / reduce cost? This session will cover the related aspects and answer these questions, and many more. Make Oracle Apex a game changer – Streamline business processes. As a user you have a direct control over applications in creation of ad-hoc reports using a common repository. You can build, deploy and maintain a wide range of web based professional applications. Presenters Siddharth Singh, Director - Engineering & Services, Estuate   Sumana Ravi Shankar Team Leader, Estuate Palash Rai Manager – Presales, Estuate Join us for this webinar to learn  Dynamic Actions – Enhanced Dynamic Actions allow developers to create highly interactive, web 2.0 applications declaratively.  Improved Interactive Reports – Ever wanted to share a report you customized with others or schedule a report to be emailed to you? You can!  Reduce your cost with a multi-tenant hosting on a single instance DB.  No licensing cost associated with Oracle Apex. Webinar URL http://www.estuate.com/events/webinar-in-october-30 About Estuate, Inc. Estuate is a global technology services company, headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, with additional offices in Canada, India and the UK. Estuate’s key service offerings include Oracle, HP, IBM and QlikView technology implementation, integration, migration and product engineering, as well as business intelligence/analytics, Big Data and end-end software development. Estuate’s team of 300 professionals is split evenly between the US and India, and has completed projects around the world. We help our clients throughout the technology lifecycle by aiding during the planning phase as well as the post-deployment phase. Estuate focuses on building deep relationships with enterprise software companies through Oracle Technology & Application analysis, design, and integration, implementation, and migration services to customers. We help our clients strategize to get the most from their technology to reduce total cost of ownership and streamline daily software management tasks so that their internal teams can focus on critical business objectives. This innovative strategy creates win-win relationships with software partners and clients across a wide range of industries Estuate encourages you to join our community and follow us on LinkedIn, Estuate Blog, Facebook and Twitter. For more information, please visit www.estuate.com REGISTER NOW ©2013 Estuate,Inc.