The ROI on Oracle BI Solutions


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In today’s highly competitive business scenario Oracle JD Edward EnterpriseOne software offers a solution that simplifies management of complex business operations. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is an integrated and highly customizable suite of ERP applications that combines business value, values-based technology with deep industry expertise with a low total cost of ownership (TCO).

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The ROI on Oracle BI Solutions

  1. 1. The ROI on Oracle BI SolutionsAll businesses have the need to remain competitive in the market. But this is not possible unlessorganizations make efficient use of their resources, especially their data. In today’s digital era, thisbecomes more and more challenging, as numerous applications and systems are being employed bybusinesses, and data is generated across these applications and systems. The lack of acomprehensive view of data and the absence of analytical business data makes it impossible fororganizations to use the power of information to their advantage. To overcome this shortcomingsophisticated Business Intelligence Solutions have been designed by industry experts.Oracle Business Intelligence Solution is one of the popular business intelligence solutions in themarket today. It comes with capabilities for real-time, interactive access to information andenables analysis and manipulation of data, providing decision-makers with easy access to criticalbusiness information. It also analyzes historical data generated through transactions or otherbusiness activities and helps by providing timely valuable insights that enable strategic decisions.Most importantly, this Oracle technology platform can bring about significant return on investment(ROI). This was revealed by a recent study conducted by Forrester. Following are some of theimportant findings of the study:  Oracle Business Intelligence solution has yielded an ROI of nearly 97 percent to businesses  Organizations experienced 5 percent lower technology procurement costs within the very first year of deploying the solution  $1 million accounts payable savings per year were achieved by businesses by the third year of deploying the solution  A significant improvement in labor efficiency was witnessed in departments across the organizationThis study has clearly demonstrated the value that Oracle Business Intelligence Solutions can deliverto businesses today. By integrating business intelligence with all Oracle applications, employees atall levels can leverage the power of business analytics for making strategic and profitable businessdecisions at the right time.Amongst other benefits, Oracle Business Intelligence Solution has another significant advantage. Itcan draw data from varied sources in an organization, including third-party programs, and create anenvironment that integrates multiple sources, thus presenting a centralized view of data. Thisenables businesses to gain visibility over the data they collect, which in turn improves operationalefficiency, accelerates performance and dramatically increases productivity.Related Links - Oracle E-business Suite & Oracle Exadata Database Machine