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The Past, Present & Future of Social Media: How to Propel Your Program Forward

  1. THE PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE OF SOCIAL MEDIA How to Propel Your Program Forward Nikki Little | Account Manager, Social Media | Identity
  2. THE PAST PR, marketing and advertising EXPERIMENTED with social media.
  3. Communications teams EXPERIMENTED with social media.
  4. It was all about SELF PROMOTION on company social channels.
  5. Businesses were on EVERY CHANNEL with no strategy.
  6. It was all about THE BIG “FOUR” Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube
  7. Earned and paid dominated while OWNED MEDIA was trialed.
  8. SEO was all about generating BACKLINKS to your site and KEYWORD STUFFING.
  9. Companies wanted to latch on to TRENDS AND NEWS to benefit their brand… but they didn’t know how.
  10. Likegating contests and hosting giveaways that had NO BRAND RELEVANCE in order to gain followers was the norm.
  11. Employees were BANNED FROM SOCIAL MEDIA while at work.
  12. Images on social media were STOCK PHOTOS and not original content.
  13. Websites were quickly SLAPPED TOGETHER when needed.
  14. Brands spent more time LURKING than communicating/sharing.
  15. Communities needed to SCALE as quickly as possible.
  16. What was the budget for social? ZERO DOLLARS.
  17. What was our favorite phrase? JOIN THE CONVERSATION.
  18. What did we measure? NOTHING.
  20. PR, Companies marketing are and advertising SLOWLY WEAVING social media into new areas of the EXPERIMENTED enterprise. with social media.
  21. PR, marketing and Brands offer a combination of BLABBERING advertising AND EXPERIMENTED HELPFULNESS. with social media.
  22. PR, marketing and We’re still trying to figure out how advertising to create content that OFFERS VALUE while aligning with the brand. EXPERIMENTED with social media.
  23. PR, Brands marketing are becoming and advertising MORE SELECTIVE when choosing social platforms EXPERIMENTED to join. with social media.
  24. PR, marketing and Emerging social channels ARE advertising APPEARING ALL THE TIME. EXPERIMENTED with social media.
  25. PR, marketing and Brands are focusing heavily on advertising OWNED MEDIA EXPERIMENTED to drive social media efforts. with social media.
  26. PR, marketing and Backlinks for SEO take a advertising back seat to EXPERIMENTED WRITING FOR with social media. HUMANS.
  27. PR, marketing and Some brands are smart with REAL-advertising TIME MARKETING while others fall flat. EXPERIMENTED with social media.
  28. PR, marketing and There’s better alignment with advertising CONTESTS relating to the brand. EXPERIMENTED with social media.
  29. PR, marketing and Companies are opening up advertising and providing EMPLOYEE ACCESS EXPERIMENTED to social media at work. with social media.
  30. PR, marketing and Brands are incorporating more REAL advertising AND EXPERIMENTED AUTHENTIC IMAGES with across social social channels. media.
  31. PR, marketing and Budgets are increasing advertising to allow for MORE EXPERIMENTED MANPOWER & SOCIAL AD SPEND with social media. to help grow programs.
  32. PR, marketing and Brands are now creating THEIR advertising OWN COMMUNITIES. EXPERIMENTED with social media.
  33. PR, marketing and We’re measuring activity, advertising but still focus too much EXPERIMENTED ON THE NUMBERS. with social media.
  34. PR, marketing and Engagement is great. advertising But, how does it connect to BUSINESS EXPERIMENTED GOALS? Companies with social still figuring media. this out.
  35. THE FUTURE PR, marketing and advertising EXPERIMENTED with social media.
  36. PR, marketing and All aspects of the enterprise contribute to create advertising SOCIAL BUSINESS EXPERIMENTED UTOPIA. with social media.
  37. PR, marketing and Brands always ask, advertising “HOW CAN WE HELP?” EXPERIMENTED And then they FOLLOW with social THROUGH. media.
  38. PR, marketing and We create advertising CONTENT UTOPIA by EXPERIMENTED offering information that is insightful, with unique social and media. valuable.
  39. PR, marketing and Big brands with big budgets are ON MANY advertising SOCIAL EXPERIMENTED CHANNELS with social media. with customized strategies.
  40. PR, marketing and Scalability is less important as advertising CAMPAIGN OPTIMIZATION. EXPERIMENTED with social media.
  41. PR, All programs marketing include and a combination of advertising PAID, EXPERIMENTED OWNED AND EARNED MEDIA. with social media.
  42. Social investment is justified PR, marketing and with reporting on the advertising BEST AND MOST EXPERIMENTED IMPACTFUL METRICS. with social media.
  43. PR, marketing and SEO goes beyond keyword advertising matching and focuses on INTENT EXPERIMENTED MATCHING. with social media.
  44. PR, marketing and When it comes to real time marketing, advertising brands react SWIFTLY AND STRATEGICALLY. EXPERIMENTED with social media.
  45. PR, marketing and Companies empower employees to be advertising BRAND EXPERIMENTED AMBASSADORS. with social media.
  46. PR, marketing and Contests are strategic, easy to facilitate and offer the advertising LOWEST BARRIER EXPERIMENTED TO ENTRY. with social media.
  47. PR, marketing and All websites offer a advertising SEAMLESS SCREEN EXPERIMENTED EXPERIENCE with social media. thanks to a responsive design.
  48. PR, marketing and advertising Social images are RAW AND REAL. EXPERIMENTED with social media.
  49. PR, marketing and advertising Social teams operate with a HEALTHY BUDGET. EXPERIMENTED with social media.
  50. Becoming PR, marketing ingrained and within existing communities is advertising A PRIORITY EXPERIMENTED vs. building new ones just because with social media. you can.
  51. What are we measuring? PR, marketing and How advertising social media MOVES THE EXPERIMENTED BUSINESS FORWARD. with social media.
  52. Those of us working in the field look at the future of social media in many different ways.
  53. “Stop measuring just to measure if it doesn’t align with business objectives.” Bryan Willmert, Digital Roots PR, marketing and advertising EXPERIMENTED with social media.
  54. “Twitter will start ranking tweets based on popularity and engagement—following in Facebook’s footsteps.” Chad Wiebesick, Michigan Economic Development Corporation
  55. “Businesses will be more likely in 2015 to go after the next step, which is the return on their social effort.” Matthew Laurin, General RV Center PR, marketing and advertising EXPERIMENTED with social media.
  56. “The next generation of trending online income is going to be these simple steps: Develop a brand, find an audience, build trust with that audience and sell a product to that trusted audience.” Curtis Crowe, VisionIT PR, marketing and advertising EXPERIMENTED with social media.
  57. KEY TAKEAWAYS: • Social accounts may be free – but success on those channels isn’t. • Content and multimedia reign supreme – but ONLY if you figure out the recipe that works best for your audience. • Your content must seamlessly translate across screens. • The good old days of SEO are gone – trade in keyword stuffing for intent-based keywords.
  58. KEY TAKEAWAYS: • Make your business social – not just your communications department. • Pay attention to trends and algorithm shifts – but always experiment to see what resonates. • Real-time marketing can come back to haunt you – be swift, but strategic. Not sure if it will offend someone? Not worth it. • Be helpful, build relationships, listen to your customers and adjust your business accordingly. Use social to enhance/complement all this.
  59. That’s how you WIN IN SOCIAL BUSINESS.
  61. NIKKI LITTLE @nikki_little

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