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Día de europa cuento un viaje sideral inglés


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Published in: Education, Travel
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Día de europa cuento un viaje sideral inglés

  1. 1. Europe’s DayProject eTwinning “Europe’s Day” By Esther Meseguer
  2. 2. Tale: “An space visit” by Esther Meseguer
  3. 3. One morning that was similar to others in the schoolCEIP Nº 4 of San Javier, a big sound was heard in theplayground. All, students and teachers, go out ourclassrooms to see what happen.
  4. 4. We was sorprised. In the middle of our grass, thereare an OVNI. The door of the space ship was openedand an smiling extraterrestrial went out and greetedus moving its hand that had only tree fingers.
  5. 5. A lot of us were scared but some students of ourschool, thought that it was good because it had abeautiful smile and they said to it welcome in ourlanguaje: “Hola! Bienvenido a España!!!”
  6. 6. We were surprised whenthe extraterratialanswered: “Hello! Thankyou. I’m Rim. I’m from theSewok Planet and I wantto met this world and thisis my first stop in theEarth Planet.”It saw our fear faces andcontinued saying: Can youtell me exactly where Iam?”
  7. 7. Between scared and excited, a teacher said to Rim:“You are in the playground of the school CEIP Nº 4 ofSan Javier”“But… don’t you said “welcome to Spain”?” asked Rimwho was very stranged.
  8. 8. -”Yes, of course…” _the teacher started to talk_“San Javier is a village of Spain”-I don’t understand_ Rim said.-“Why do you come into the school? We’ll show it andwe’ll explain it to you with the computer.”_ theteacher finished while the kids shouted happily.
  9. 9. The kids came back to their classrooms and theteacher and Rim went into a classroom… later theywent to other and other… and so in all classrooms,greeting to all boys and girls.And in everyone, Rim said… “nice, nice, nice… but canyou explain it to me?” and then it looked to theteacher.
  10. 10. … And finally the moment of the explication arrived:“all that you have seen is the school CEIP Nº 4. Herethe boys and girls come to learn. Our village is namedSan Javier and it’s beautiful.
  11. 11. San Javier is a villageof the AutonomicCommunity of theProvince of Murciawhere there areothers beautifulvillages and cities asCartagena, Murcia,Lorca, Yecla…
  12. 12. And our province, with other precious communities asMadrid where is the school CEIP Sek El Castillo, afriend-school, and the Andalucía Community where, inthe Province of Jaén, there are other friend-schoolnamed CEIP Alcalá Venceslada,
  13. 13. … all together form the country which is themost beautiful in the world: SPAIN… and wehave a flag and a national anthem:
  14. 14. -Your school, village, province and country is very nice…but Are there other countries?-Of course. There are other countries and they areprecious too. We have a lot of friend-schools in othercountries as… 1. Romania 2. Poland 3. Greece 4. Lithuania 5. France 6. Belgium 7. Germany 8. Italy 9. Hungary 10. Bulgaria 11. Slovenia
  15. 15. -And how do you know that yourcountry is the most beautiful?-Rim, it’s a feeling _the teacheranswered_ For us, our country isthe most beautiful in the worldand for our friends, theircountries are the most beautiful inthe world and this isn’t bad…-I would like visiting them andthen I’ll decide which is the mostbeautiful in the world!!!-Ha, Ha, Ha!!! _ the teacherlaught_ everyone is diferent… butall are wonderful, Rim. But if youwant, I’ll say you where are ourfriend-schools and you’ll be able tovisit them.”
  16. 16. Rim visited first Lithuania. “It’s a nice country with someprecious places… and they have a flag and a nationalanthem too.” And the boys and girls of the school thatRim visited said: sveikas atvykęs, Rim!!!Our country is the most beautiful country of the world!!!
  17. 17. After visiting Lithuania, Rim moved to a country calledRomania where he had to visit several schools… With alltheir new friends in Romania, Rim visited some beautifulplaces of Romania. They explained that they also had aflag and an anthem. Bun venit, Rim!!!
  18. 18. From Romania, Rim flew to Poland where it visited friend-schools that we have there. They said… Serdecznie Witamy, Rim!!!Our country is the most beautiful country of the world!!!
  19. 19. Then it went to Greece and saw precious places and friendly people who told it about the Greek flag and their anthem and they said: Καλώς όρισες, Rim!!!Our country is the most beautiful country of the world!!!
  20. 20. Rim was increasingly confused … All the countriesthat it had seen until then, were wonderful countries.How was it going to be able to say to the boys andgirls of the CEIP Nº4 of San Javier who was thenicest country? Rim wished that one of the countriesthat it had not visit yet, will be better than all therest … because if it wasn’t so, it couldn’t fulfill itspromise.
  21. 21. From Greece, Rim travelled to France where he visited the friend-schools that we have there and they saidBienvenue, Rim!!!Our country is the most beautiful country of the world!!!
  22. 22. Later it was to Belgium and there saw precious places and nice people that they taught the Belgium flag and his anthem to him. They said: Bienvenue, Rim!!!Our country is the most beautiful country of the world!!!
  23. 23. From Belgium to another beautiful country: Germany. There our friend-schools taught them the country, their flag and their anthem. They said: Willkommen, Rim!!!Our country is the most beautiful country of the world!!!
  24. 24. And again in the ship course to Italy … to knowingother schools, another country, another flag andanother anthem … how many does it take already?They said: Benvenuti, Rim!!!Our country is the most beautiful country of the world!!!
  25. 25. Rim was increasinglyworried and moresurprised andastonished … All thecountries werewonderful and notstill it could not saywhich was the nicestof the world!!! It wasgoing to be the firsttime in its life thatwould not fulfill apromise.
  26. 26. And … it began the flight to be going to Slovenia toknow others schools, another country, another flagand another anthem. And they said: dobrodošli, Rim!!!Our country is the most beautiful country of the world!!!
  27. 27. From Slovenia, Rim went to Hungary. New country, new friends for Rim … new flag and new anthem. They said: üdvözlet, Rim!!!Our country is the most beautiful country of the world!!!
  28. 28. And, finally, the last country that Rim is going to visit: Bulgaria. Another precious country, with his flag, his anthem and his wonderful people. They said: Добре дошли, Rim!!!Our country is the most beautiful country of the world!!!
  29. 29. When it said goodbye of his new Bulgarian friends.Rim go up to its ship and returned to the CEIP N º 4of San Javier but the problem is that it had not evenidea of what it was going to say to them.
  30. 30. He spoke with theteacher and thechildren almostcrying. It could notfulfill his promise.Could not say tothem which was thenicest But theteacher began tolaught…-Jajajaj, and forthis cause do youcry? Already we saidthis, Rim… for everyone, his country isthe most beautifuland nothing happens.
  31. 31. -But then, you willfight to decidewhich is … and makesme feel it very sadlybecause all thechildren and girlsthat I have knownare fantastic.-It will not happenRim.-How do you knowit?-Because its as Iexplained to you theday that you came.
  32. 32. -We belong to the village of San Javier … but also toan union of peoples called Region of Murcia and withother Regions we form Spain and have our anthemand flag and especially, a feeling love for our country.Equal it happens in Romania, Lithuania …But we all have a common feeling that joins us …WE ALL ARE EUROPEANS-Eurpeans?
  33. 33. -Yes, all the countries that you have visited unitedand some more, form something bigger: EUROPE …and we all want it and for all of us, its precious andwe have a common flag and an anthem. Our flag isblue as the sky and has so many stars like countriesshape it. And our anthem is so nice that it is named "The anthem of the happiness " and speaks about thelove and the friendship between all of us.
  34. 34. In addition, today, On May 9, it is its day… the EUROPE’S DAY 
  35. 35. On May 9, 2012Authoress of the story Esther MeseguerImages of the countries: free, from InternetPhotos of the CEIP N º 4 and pupils: consentedby the parentsImages of Rim and the ovni: Esther MeseguerAnimated Gifts: free, from InternetAnthems: free, from InternetIf I have omitted some country of theparticipants in the project it has been formistake and I ask the affected ones forthousand excuses.