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Open Access & sharing research data: a Dutch workshop for phd in economics



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Open Access & sharing research data: a Dutch workshop for phd in economics

  1. 1. bibliotheek Datum 02-10-2012 | 1 Open Access & sharing research data SOM workshop 2013 Esther Hoorn
  2. 2. bibliotheek Datum 02-10-2012 | 2 program › Intro - Sharing results of publicly funded research- open access - data mining - re-use - Research integrity - transparency › How does that affect you? - dissemination paragraph of a research proposal › Why is the library involved? - Support for visibility of research - Repository for dissertations - Awareness on copyright-issues & OA-policy › Planning - general introduction on policy, - OA for publications, than break - discussion sharing research data
  3. 3. bibliotheek Datum 02-10-2012 | 3 Definition Open Access Open access (OA) literature is digital, online, free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions. Peter Suber
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  7. 7. bibliotheek Datum 02-10-2012 | 7 Open Access at Springer
  8. 8. bibliotheek Datum 02-10-2012 | 8 Aim Horizon 2020: › It’s partly about making access to scientific information more affordable. › But improving access can also help science and innovation itself.  Sharing research results helps the scientific community to examine, compare, learn, and spread knowledge — faster and better. 
  9. 9. bibliotheek Datum 02-10-2012 | 9 Leadership EU: Horizon 2020 › plan to make available under open access all publications stemming from EU-funded research. EC also commits to progressively open access to research data › EC is also formally recommending to EU Member States that they join us on this road to open access, for research funded at national level.
  10. 10. bibliotheek Datum 02-10-2012 | Data is hot! Article on “trends for 2012”: “Keeping your research data secret until they are finally printed in a scientific journal is so 2011” Neelie Kroes (Vice- President of the European Commission responsible for the Digital Agenda): “Data is the new gold”
  11. 11. bibliotheek Datum 02-10-2012 | 11 Netherlands Code of Conduct for Scientific Practice 2004, updated 2012 III. Verifiability Principle Presented information is verifiable. Whenever research results are publicized, it is made clear what the data and the conclusions are based on, where they were derived from and how they can be verified.
  12. 12. bibliotheek Best Practice Datum 02-10-2012 | 12 › III.1 Research must be replicable in order to verify its accuracy. The choice of research question, the research set-up, the choice of method and the reference to sources studied is accurately documented. › III.2 The quality of data collection, data input, data storage and data processing is guarded closely. All steps taken must be properly reported and their execution must be properly monitored (lab journals, progress reports, documentation of arrangements and decisions, etc.). › III.3 Raw research data are stored for at least five years. These data are made available to other scientific practitioners at request. › III.4 Raw research data are archived in such a way that they can be consulted at a minimum expense of time and effort. › III.5 The source of all educational material, including oral information transfer, is stated.
  13. 13. bibliotheek Datum 02-10-2012 | Data Management Plans 1. Preparation of the data collection project 2. Implementation of the data collection project 3. Archiving data and making data available ent/categorieen/diensten/data -management-plan
  14. 14. bibliotheek Datum 02-10-2012 | 14 McCullough/McGeary/Harrison: “Lessons from the JMCB Archive”, 2006 “Results published in economic journals are accepted at face value and rarely subjected to the independent verification that is the cornerstone of the scientific method. Most results published in economics journals cannot be subjected to verification, even in principle, because authors typically are not required to make their data and code available for verification.”
  15. 15. bibliotheek Datum 02-10-2012 | 15 Final report cie Levelt (Stapel) “Although mutual trust remains at the basis of scientific collaboration, this cannot be taken for granted. Of course, the shortcomings identified must not result in organized distrust or overblown bureaucracy that unnecessarily impedes scientific work, but rather in the creation of a research environment in which researchers are encouraged, through coaching, training and effective controls, to take account of the rules for careful and honest academic research.”
  16. 16. bibliotheek Datum 02-10-2012 | 16 New initiatives on sharing data
  17. 17. bibliotheek Datum 02-10-2012 | 17 New initiatives in marketing science › Marketing Science announces its new replication and disclosure policies that will take effect beginning April 15, 2013. › International Journal of Research in Marketing: We launched a new section in the journal: the Replication Corner. The idea is to publish conceptual replications, and in some cases also failed replications, of important findings in the field. We ask you…to encourage research students, perhaps as part of their training, to send to IJRM their replication works.
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  22. 22. bibliotheek Datum 02-10-2012 | 22 Request: Dear Esther, It is great to hear from you and also to know that this information has been useful for you. Your workshop sounds really interesting, would you like to share some information about the workshop on the open economics blog: ? Velichka
  23. 23. bibliotheek Datum 02-10-2012 | 23 Discussion on Open Access & data sharing
  24. 24. bibliotheek Datum 02-10-2012 | 24 1 Are you aware of funder’s mandates that require and fund Open Access in your field of research? See for instance NWO's website. “Although OA journals began a little later in China, they have undergone rapid development. Many universities and colleges, academic associations, and research institutions in China currently practice an OA model… Economics 30 journals with OA 4.4 % of all journals (Medicine 30%)”
  25. 25. bibliotheek Datum 02-10-2012 | 25 2 › Name two journals in which you would like to publish articles during your (Phd.) research. › Check the impact factor of these journals in the Journal Citation Reports For a short tutorial on the JCR: Short Journal Citation Report video tutorial › For innovative approaches to metrics see Altmetrics, Altmetric and the PLOS page on article level metrics.
  26. 26. bibliotheek Datum 02-10-2012 | 26 3 › Do the publishers of these two journals allow you to retain your copyrights and to publish Open Access? Here is a short Dutch Youtube film on retaining your copyright. › If not, do they allow to make the final version before publication available in Open Access. Check on the website for publishers copyright and self-archiving SHERPA-Romeo.
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  28. 28. bibliotheek Datum 02-10-2012 | 28 4 › Are there interesting Open Access journals or similar initiatives in your field? › See for a database with Open Access journals the directory of Open Access journals.
  29. 29. bibliotheek Datum 02-10-2012 | 29 5 Select one issue related to the topic “Research data & integrity” you consider relevant for your line of research, and explain why it is relevant.
  30. 30. bibliotheek Datum 02-10-2012 | 30 Issues: data policies › attitude/role as researcher › What data authors have to provide - descriptions of the data - instructions on how to use - submission of (self-written) programs used e.g. for simulation - programs used for these simulations  When? - prior to publication - Proprietary data  How? - Open formats - Version of software
  31. 31. bibliotheek Datum 02-10-2012 | 31 6 Look at this blogpost on research data management in economic journals on the open economics website. Are there relevant policies for adding data to journals articles for the journals you selected under question 2?
  32. 32. bibliotheek Datum 02-10-2012 | 32 Conclusions?
  33. 33. bibliotheek Datum 02-10-2012 | 33 Thank you! @ehoorn society/library/services/openaccess/