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For companies…HyperQuality provides ROI through measurement, analysis and feedback to enhance contact center op­erations and improve the bottom line, as well as customized full-service consulting on customer care issues throughout the company.

For candidates…HyperQuality provides opportunities for challenge, collaboration on a new concept, and a business-focused movement for quality.

For contact center managers…HyperQuality transforms quality assurance programs from overlooked cost centers into long-term opportunities for quality, revenue growth, and, ultimately, business success.

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  • UK, Rai and Vivek to introduce themselves
  • UK, Rai and Vivek to introduce themselves
  • Hyperquality India Pvt Ltd-Professional services offerings

    1. 1. Professional Services Overview Gaurav Rai Director, Professional Services © 2011, HyperQuality Inc. Apr 2011 Confidential 0
    2. 2. About Professional Services About Professional Services Professional Services team at HyperQualityTM facilitates enterprise-wide deployment of Process Improvement initiatives using various quality frameworks. The team consists of highly qualified professionals including ASQ black belts, ASQ CMQ/OE and certified PMPs Our Methodologies Our Customer Experience Management • Multivariate data analysis to identify the key drivers of CSAT • Identify QA form attributes corresponding to key drivers © 2011, HyperQuality Inc. Products Contact Center Performance Improvement Benchmarking • Analysis of Key-Drivers affecting ROI • Performance Comparison to best-in-class attributes already identified • AHT Reduction • Sales Advancement • Retention Advancement • Process Standardization Confidential Process MRI • Periodic Detailed Vendor / Site Performance Analysis • Identify Low hanging fruit to score quick wins 1
    3. 3. HQ Professional Services Team Director – PS Gaurav Rai Nitin Jaitly Speech Analytics CSSBB – ASQ, PMP B-Tech , Amanbir Singh Shailendra Process Engineering © 2011, HyperQuality Inc. Confidential Managers – PS CSSBB – ASQ, PMP Asst. Manager – PS CSSBB – ASQ (Trained), PMP Analysts – PS Green Belts 2
    4. 4. PS Service Offerings Customer Experience Management Services 1 QA Elements to capture Customer Experience 2 Customer Experience Survey Design Development of an evaluation (QA) form through survey data and call analytics Development of customer experience survey through design, pilot testing supported by data analytics Benchmarking 4 Process MRI Ongoing engagement with clients to identify & work on various improvement opportunities © 2011, HyperQuality Inc. Confidential Others 3 Understanding of client’s performance in comparison to other organizations across and within the industry 3
    5. 5. PS Service Offerings Contact Center Performance Management Services 1 Average Handle Time (AHT) Reduction Through call and data analytics, HQ helps their client to significantly reduce their transaction / call handle duration 2 Sales Effectiveness Improvement Through call and data analytics, HQ helps their client to significantly improve their sales effectiveness 3 Process Standardization (BPMS) Development of process documentation, Metrics identification and reporting through dashboards 4 First Contact Resolution (FCR) Improvement Through call and data analytics, HQ helps their client to significantly improve their first contact resolution 5 Collections Improvement © 2011, HyperQuality Inc. Through speech analytics and six sigma framework driven approach, HQ targets significant improvement in collections Confidential 4
    6. 6. About PS @ HyperQuality Products / Services Industry Type Description Impact Customer Experience Management System Telecom, Technology, QA form alignment to CSAT drivers Finance Average Handle Time Reduction Retail, Travel Reduce call handle time 12% reduction in handle time Retention Model Retail, Telecom Improve Customer retention Statistically significant improvement Process Standardization QA function deployment Insurance Setup of quality function Streamlined process, reduced manual hours, less errors First Call Resolution Improvement Finance Increase the first call resolution Improvement by One Sigma level Sales Effectiveness Improvement Retail Increase the sales conversion rate Statistically significant improvement © 2011, HyperQuality Inc. Confidential CSAT – QA scores within + 5% 5
    7. 7. Customer Experience Management © 2011, HyperQuality Inc. Confidential 6
    8. 8. Customer Experience Management Evaluation (QA) form to capture Customer experience Input Process CSAT Data Key Driver Analysis Output NEW QA Form Call Analysis Existing QA Form • • • • • Multivariate Analysis Interdependence Model Dependence Model Relative Importance Study Call Listening Through the structured methodology, you get a QA Form that is aligned to the CSAT score © 2011, HyperQuality Inc. Confidential 7
    9. 9. Customer Experience Management Evaluation (QA) form to capture Customer experience – Key Driver Analysis Key Drivers Satisfaction with: (Independent Variables) Attribute 1 Attribute 2 Overall CSAT Attribute 3 (Dependent Variable) Attribute 4 Attribute 5 Attribute N CSAT Survey Questions Multivariate Analysis © 2011, HyperQuality Inc. “Importance” Inter dependence Model Confidential Dependence Model Relative Importance Study 8
    10. 10. Customer Experience Management Evaluation (QA) form to capture Customer experience – Call Analysis Identified Key Drivers Attribute x Call Analysis Call Listening Attribute y Attribute z Call Analytics Attributes for New QA Form Attribute n Post Call Analysis, the new QA Form is aligned with the overall CSAT © 2011, HyperQuality Inc. Confidential 9
    11. 11. A 60 Billion dollar credit card and loan provider company wanted to know if the parameters used to measure the agent performance through the quality assurance (QA) form were really capable of sensing their customer‟s overall satisfaction levels on the brand and quality of service. After the successful testing, the new QA form was then applied this to a larger sample and found to improve the overall customer experience by 24% in just a quarter 100% 85% 88% 83% 75% Mean = 83% 83% 86% 80% 87% After 85% 85% 84% 84% 90% 86% 87% 86% 84% 85% 87% 82% Before 86% Mean = 85.2% 95% Mean = 86.8% 87% 87% 83% 88% 85% • Identification of the factors which drive the overall customer experience through the HQ’s home grown tool called ‘Key Driver Analysis – KDA’ • Check whether the attributes used to measure call quality are aligned to gage the customer satisfaction as well • Analyze a sample of calls to modify the attributes of existing quality assurance (QA) form 84% RESULTS APPROACH OBJECTIVE Case Study – QA & CSAT Alignment 70% 82% 65% 81% 81% 80% 60% QA Data 79% Month 4 Month 6 C-Sat Data 55% Month 5 50% 78% Month 1 Month 2 © 2011, HyperQuality Inc. Month 3 Month 4 Month 5 Month 6 Confidential Week Week Week Week Week Week Week Week Week Week Week Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 10
    12. 12. Contact Center Management System 1. Process Standardization (BPMS) 2. Sales Effectiveness Improvement 3. Handle Time (AHT) Reduction © 2011, HyperQuality Inc. 4. First Contact Resolution (FCR Improvement 5. Collections Improvement Confidential 11
    13. 13. Process Standardization (BPMS) The BPMS project would follow a phased approach, hence it has broken down into various phases 1 Process Discovery Workshop 2 During the workshop, HQ team would identify (in discussion with the client) all the processes, falling under the purview of BPMS project, in the form of Process Architecture Nomination of Business Processes Client to pick 3-5 processes on which the rest of the project phases would be executed 3 © 2011, HyperQuality Inc. Process Mapping 4 Process Risk Identification Confidential 5 KPI Identification 6 Performance Dashboards 12
    14. 14. Process Standardization (BPMS) Process Discovery Workshop, Process Architecture Mapping of AS-IS Processes Process Risk Identification (Using FMEA tool) Mapping of TO-BE Processes Key Performance Indicator / Metric Identification Performance Reporting / Publish Dashboards © 2011, HyperQuality Inc. Confidential 13
    15. 15. Sales Effectiveness Improvement DEFINE MEASURE ANALYZE IMPROVE CONTROL © 2011, HyperQuality Inc. Definition of Need to Improve Sales Effectiveness Validate Sales Performance Measurement Determine Key Factors Impacting Sales Recommendations to Improve Sales Performance Report Controlled Improvement Confidential 14
    16. 16. Sales Model Summary DEFINE MEASURE ANALYZE IMPROVE CONROL Definition of Need to Improve Sales Effectiveness Validate Sales Performance Measurement Determine Key Factors Impacting Sales Recommendations to Improve Sales Performance Report Controlled Improvement How effective is my Sales Process? How are my Sales Performance being measured? Factors potentially impacting Sales performance Recommended Actions to address Key Factors affecting the Sales Control Charts to show consistent improvement in Sales Performance How much improvement do I want? Confirm / Validate the usability of available data Capture Data: Existing Data + Call Listening Execute Pilot on the finalized Recommendations Handover of Project Documentation Map the Sales Processes at High Level Create the data collection plan, if available data is not usable Key Driver Analysis: Measure the revised Sales Effectiveness (Pilot Performance) © 2011, HyperQuality Inc. • Rebuttal Analysis • Agent Behavior Analysis • Script Analysis • Hypothesis Testing Confidential 15
    17. 17. Average Handle Time Reduction Identify Top Contributors to AHT Detailed Process Mapping Best Process Identification Implement New Process Map Action Plan Value Stream Analysis © 2011, HyperQuality Inc. Confidential 16
    18. 18. FCR (First Contact Resolution) Improvement First level Understand and Standardize FCR calculation methodology across all Business Units Calculation of FCR at Issue Type level for each Business Unit Second level Third level Factor 1 Factors identification exercise using “Fish Bone Diagram” Factor 2 Prioritization of factors using FMEA (Failure Modes and Effect Analysis) Factor N . . List of Top reasons Data analytics to validate the reasons Translate the improvement on the validated reasons to increase the First Call Resolution • Comparative analysis through statistical tests to get the significant factors • Variation analysis – within and across © 2011, HyperQuality Inc. Through brainstorming with the vendors and control impact analysis Confidential 17
    19. 19. Collections Improvement Model Outbound (Dialer) 1 2 3 4 . . N Inbound Calls 1 2 3 4 . . N Payment Ladder • Full Payment Not connected to customer 1 • Financial Profile • Holding Payment or (No payment / Dispute) Connected to correct agent Call transferred to correct agent Promise Kept • Installment • Settlement Connected to customer © 2011, HyperQuality Inc. Promise to Pay 2 Promise to Pay No Payment Promise NOT kept 4 3 HQ focuses 4 major improvement areas Confidential 18
    20. 20. Collections Improvement – Solution HQ Solution 1 HQ targets the improvement of „Contact Rate‟ (based on time of day, risk assignment, penetration rate of calling list, agent resource availability etc.) by analyzing the lists and providing suggestions 2 HQ executes the call analytics to understand the major drivers for call (inbound) transfers and helps maximizing the contacts with the right customer service representatives 3, 4 HQ applies the call evaluation and speech analytics to ensure the thorough coverage of calls (both outbound and inbound) to understand the agent behaviors to maximize: • Conversion of settlements / no payments to full payments • Ensuring high hit ration of „promise to pay‟ • Taps the trends of promised against forecasted collection through data analytics Additional Improvements Through monitoring that is custom tailored to the business need, HQ helps in identification of key strengths and areas of opportunities for the customer service agents leading to better understanding of agent skill sets in order to maintain a balance of the inbound calls and outbound collections calling HQ also helps improving the call routing based on Criteria to handle the calls (e.g. types of calls, levels of delinquency, debtor risk score, debtor contact record etc.) to give priority to calls © 2011, HyperQuality Inc. Confidential 19