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The fivesenses (elizabeth)


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The fivesenses (elizabeth)

  1. 1. The Five Senses!
  2. 2. Our Five Senses• Sight• Hearing• Touch• Taste• Smell
  3. 3. Sight• We see with our eyes – Iris: largest part of the eye; colored – Pupil: centre of the iris; black; light enters eye through pupil – Lens: behind pupil; used to focus on objects – Retina: nerve carries information we see to brain
  4. 4. More on Sight…• Eyelids, eyelashes, eyebrows, and lachrymal glands help to protect our eyes from too much light and particles in the air
  5. 5. Draw 3 things you can see. What did you draw??
  6. 6. Hearing! • We hear with our ears – Ear flap & ear canal (external ear): protected by small hairs and wax – Eardrum, anvil, hammer, stirrup (middle ear): group of small bones – Cochlea (inner ear): sense of balance is also located in the inner ear
  7. 7. How We Hear• Sounds enter the external ear• Sounds travel through ear canal to eardrum• Eardrum vibrates, sound travels to inner ear, to a nerve, then to the brain*Careful! Loud sounds can damage your ears!!
  8. 8. Find three things in the room you can hear. What kinds of sounds do they make?
  9. 9. Touch • We touch with our fingers • Sense of touch is in the skin that covers our body—especially in our hands – Fingerprints are the distinct lines on ourBraille: alphabet used by fingertipsblind people; touchletters with fingertips
  10. 10. What are adjectives for how things feel when you touch them?Soft, squishy, hard, rough, wet, cold, hot…
  11. 11. Taste• We taste with our mouth – Tongue: organ we use to detect different flavours – Taste buds: small bumps on tongue that pick up flavors Sweet, sour, bitter, salty
  12. 12. Draw 2 things that taste good and 2 things that taste bad. What do you think tastes good? Bad?
  13. 13. Smell • We smell with our nose – Nostrils: external openings – Nasal cavities: internal cavities – Septum: separates the nostrils and naval cavity
  14. 14. More on Smell…• Hairs and mucus membrane protect the nasal cavities by filtering the air that we breathe• Pituitary gland: helps us to detect smell; covers nasal cavities *Nose helps the tongue to taste our food!!
  15. 15. What things smell good? What are things that smell bad?
  16. 16. Challenge!What are the 5 senses?SIGHT, SMELL, TASTE, TOUCH, HEARING
  17. 17. Challenge!What do we call thecolored part of the eye? THE IRIS
  18. 18. Challenge!What organ dowe use to feel? SKIN
  19. 19. Challenge!What two organs do we use to taste? TONGUE AND NOSE
  20. 20. Challenge!What 4 qualities of taste can food have? SALTY, SWEET, BITTER, SOUR
  21. 21. Challenge!What organ do we use to hear? EARS
  22. 22. Challenge! What are taste buds?LOCATED ON TONGUE, HELP DETECT FLAVOURS
  23. 23. Harry Potter Video•