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Poisson d'avril


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Published in: Travel
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Poisson d'avril

  1. 1. Poisson d'avril By Leo Hall and Ethan Schwartz
  2. 2. Where? Poison d' Avril is celebrated in England, Denmark, France and Spain.
  3. 3. When? Poison d'Avril is celebrated on the first of April (premier Avril)
  4. 4. How? On poisson d' Avril, kids stick paper fish on people' s backs and when they discover the fish the kids shout Poisson d' Avril! Spain
  5. 5. Who? France, England French people, Danish people, English people and Spanish people celebrate Poisson d' Avril Denmark
  6. 6. Why? When the Gregorian calendar was introduced the New Year's Day celebration changed to January 1st. And the people that changed the date celebrated Poisson d' Avril.
  7. 7. Thanks for reading!