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  1. 1. LA CHANDELEUR By Rafi Burns and Max Conway 4B
  2. 2. Quand?(When) It is celebrated on the 2 of February (deux fevrier)
  3. 3. Comment?(How) They celebrate it by making crepes and when the person flips the crepe they hold the pan in one hand and in the other hand they hold a coin.
  4. 4. Pourquoi? (Why) It is to celebrate of Jesus to the temple 40 days after his birth
  5. 5. Qui? (Who) The French and Belgians Catholics people celebrate la Chandeleur
  6. 6. Keywords The keywords are La chandeleur Pancakes Crepes Festival
  7. 7. Did you know In the olden days the feast started with ham and cheese.
  8. 8. THE
  9. 9. END