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Integrating 4 cs into teaching

how teachers can integrate the 4 Cs in their teaching way.

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Integrating 4 cs into teaching

  1. 1. Integrating 4 Cs into Teaching Estefany Gomez Roque 2013-30-3-0059
  2. 2. Definition of critical thinking according to some definitions of p21 critical thinking means: have the ability to analyze have corre ct interpretation use different kind of reasoning have the capacity to create a connection between information and argument draw conclusion based on the best analysis
  3. 3. the importance of critical thinking •To teach critical thinking help the students to develop different skill, be more able to solve problem, and create a ´´habit mind´´ in which they can have a higher level of concentration. students should develop critical thinking abilities for them to become a competent 21st century citizens.
  4. 4. 10 ways in which i can integrate technology with critical thinking 1.creating a blog in which students should share reaccion papers of different assigned books. 2.the class can have a platform in which they can present analysis of some topics. 3.the students can have a subject that can integrate some video games that helps to develop problem solving skill. 4.students can have books and their smartphone and have an space on classroom to read them and then present in class a conclusion about what they read. language subject students can divided in group or peer and look for a topics and share the founded in class.
  5. 5. 10 ways in which i can integrate technology with critical thinking 6. in science class the students can investigate about the properties of human being in class and the share the investigated and talk about their own conclusion or understanding about the topic. 7. in geographic class the students can investigate all about an specific place of their community and then design that place in a platform and show it in the class while talk about what they investigated about it. 8. in social study class students can ¨create a society¨ according with their own understanding of the right society, taking different pieces from others countries and presenting in class as a video. 9. in mathematic class for the teacher check if the students understand the topic, the students can make a video as a tutorial in which they show the process how they can solve a math problem
  6. 6. 10 ways in which i can integrate technology with critical thinking 10. in art class the students can show their favorite song in class using different resources and talk about the gender, the singer and explain why they like it and how they interpreted it.
  7. 7. How critical thinking is related to others skills To develop critical thinking skill help people to develop effectively the others skill; if some one has the capacity to be higher thinking will have the capacity to be creative and will analyze, reflect, interpreted, and evaluate when communicate.
  8. 8. ways to integrate critical thinking skill in classroom Assigning articles, books, interesting documents according to the grade for the students to read them. Developing discussion in class about social problems. Assigned the students to analyze, reflect and interpret in some topics. Assigned the students write reaction papers. assigned the students write essays. let the students to investigate by their own about different themes and share it in
  9. 9. Definition of communication According with p21 communication is defined as: the articulation of thoughts and idea properly and effectively in different forms. beyond to talk, communication is the capacity to listen effectively to others. communication is to use different technology and media resources and know their impact and their effectiveness. is the capacity to communicate effectively in different environments.
  10. 10. The Importance of Communication Skill The most important thing of this skill is that to prepare good communication students mean to prepare future competent and success people for a competent and demanding future. Linguistically and culturally effective listening, empathy, and effective communication skills are essential skills for every person in the service economy.
  11. 11. How Communication Skill is related to others skill it is difficult to separate communication skill with the others skill. communication skill has a strong relation with collaboration skill; people communicate because they are around other person. if someone has a good communication skill will be good collaborating with others. one skill can go to another one because critical thinking can develop good communication skill and also good collaboration.
  12. 12. Ways to integrate communication skill into your classroom part of community development the students can meet with a leader of the community and ask him or talk about some assigned topics. art subject students can investigate about the most dancing song in a locate and investigate the reasons why is the favorite for some people in that place, then they can present it in classroom even posted it in appropiate web side for any comment. geographic class students can investigate about some local events and write their own conclusion about it and present it in the classroom. science class students can interview some local scientistic in orden to develop their communicative skill.
  13. 13. Ways to integrate communication skill into your classroom •6. in English class students can posted a question about their local issues in a collaborative web side in order to develop their writing skill that is part of communication. •7. in math class the classroom is divided the class into two groups, one group plays the role of client and the other one as a design team, each group have to interact in order to get agree.
  14. 14. 10 ways to integrate technology in communicative skill 1.The classroom can use different web side for them to write and communicate effectively. 2.The students can create videos explaning an spesific topic according to the assigned. 3.The teacher can assigne the students to interview some leader of the school about their works and present it in classroom using a prezi presentention. 4.Students can write some reaccion papers about a video and posted them in a platform.
  15. 15. 10 ways to integrate technology in communicative skill 5.teacher can create a blog in with he posted a video and the students will comment it. 6. Students can write their own conclusion of each class, each day and say it in classroom 7. The teacher can show video in classroom and the students will make a brainstorm about what they could see on the video.
  16. 16. Definition of Collaboration skill •According to p21 collaborative skill mean: 1.Show abilities to work effectively and respectful with others team. 2.Have the flexibility to help playing whatever role in the team. 3.Value the individual collaboration. Show compromise to the group and the assignment.
  17. 17. The Importance of collaborative skill Collaborative skill helps the employees to be able to work in some prestige companies as la nasa, nsf and others more. Also collaborative skill prepare the students for a global- technology. To teach collaborative skill prepare the students to become more demanded, successful and competent for the future.
  18. 18. How collaborative skill is related to others skill •If the students are critical thinking, problem solving and communicator, will be easier for them to communicate effectively.
  19. 19. Ways to integrate collaborative in the classroom 1.Teachers can assign works to do outside and inside of classroom. 2.Students can make groups on the classroom for working . 3.In pear, students can work in classroom taking about an assign to do. 4.Students can make groups to investigate the behavior for others groups outside the class and to report the investigated
  20. 20. 10 ways to integrate technology in collaborative skill 1.Students can create a forum for them to share with others their information about their investigations. 2.Students in peer can design their own school and show it in classroom. 3.Students in group can go to different places around their community to investigate about it and create a video to show it in classroom. 4.Students can create a blog in which they can study for test.
  21. 21. 10 ways to integrate technology in collaborative skill 5. using different technology tool as tablet and laptops the classroom can be divided into some group in class for then to read an article. 6. In peer, students can explain how to solve a math problem, using a video to show it in class.
  22. 22. Definition of creativity skill •Creativity skill mean to have the capacity to elaborate, refine and evaluate original ideas. •It is the creation of new ideas. •Is to be able to develop, implement and communicate new ideas effectively. •Is also to demonstrate originality and inventiveness in works.
  23. 23. The importance of creativity skill •One of the importance that this skill have is that If students leave school without knowing how to continuously create and innovate, they will be underprepared for the challenges of society and the workforce. •In order to show the successful and the competent is really important to show the how creativity you can be.
  24. 24. How creativity skill is relate to other skills •The creativity skill has an strong relation with the others skills, for people be creative they have to develop others abilities as such adaptability, leadership, teamwork and interpersonal skill. This skill have a relation to the capacity to connect with others and of course to communicate effectively.
  25. 25. Ways to Integrate Creativity into Your Classroom 1.Students can design their own blog 2.Students can compound a song of a subject 3.Students can design their classroom. 4.Students can implement funny and original way to explain topics.
  26. 26. 10 ways to implement technology with creativity skill 1.Students can design a blog or another wed side. 2.Students can learn grammar using cartoons created by themselves. 3.Students can use songs to study rules In math. Students can compound their own song of the graduation and present it at the end of the school year.
  27. 27. 10 ways to implement technology with creativity skill 5. students can learn some topics through some interesting videos presented in class. 6. students can create or design a platform for them to study.