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  1. 1. Summary of the article
  2. 2. •The article Cystics Endometrial Hyperplasia inAlgerian Goats and Ewes is ridden by BenhaibFatima.• The article is about cysts endometrial hyperplasiaand the way it is discovered in slaughtered goats andewes.• Cysts are in the uterine walls and those cystyshyperplasia with subsequent infertility has beenreported in animals grazing on pasture legumes inwith high estrogenic activity.
  3. 3. Materials and methods•Ten uterine samples of goats and ewes havingprominent lesions were collected from Tiaret abattoir.•Samples were brought to the laboratory and tissue ofaffected samples were fixed in 10 percentformalin, routinely processed and embedded inparaffin wax.
  4. 4. In ewes•Grossly, the tumor surfaces were smooth and theincised surfaces consisted predomantly of cysts ofvaried size .The uterine wall was thick and spongy.•Some submucosal cysts bulged into the lumen ofuterus.•Microscopically, cystic dilation of the endometrialglands and an increase of their number were observed.
  5. 5. •The endometrium was infiltrated by viable anddegenerate neutrophils, lymphocytes, and plasma cellsadmixed with little cellular debris and was expanded bymany irregular cystic and hyperplastic glands.• The glands were lined by either normal, hyperplasticor attenuated epithelium.
  6. 6. In Goats•Grossly, three large follicles were present on theright ovary and two in the left one. (Apart from theirgreater size, the follicular cysts were difficult todistinguish from normal follicles).• The absence of corpus lutea in the ovaries wasnoted. The uterus was edematous and flabby. Thecervix was enlarged and contained tough gray-whitemucus.
  7. 7. •Histopathological examination of ten uterinesamples of slaughtered goats and ewes revealed twocases of cystic endometrial hyperplasia.•Endometrial hyperplasia with subsequent infertilityhas been reported in animals grazing on pasturelegumes with high estrogenic activity.•Histologically, these cysts were irregular andvariably sized and shaped endometrial glands had asingle lining of flat epithelial cells and containednecrotic debris, a condition has been related tohyperestrogenism in goats.
  8. 8. •Histopathological examination of ten uterine samples of slaughteredgoats and ewes revealed two cases of cystic endometrial hyperplasia. Itwas associated to granulosa cell tumor in sheep and cystic ovariandegeneration in goat.•Histologically, these cysts were irregular and variably sized and shapedendometrial glands had a single lining of flat epithelial cells and containednecrotic debris, a condition has been related to hyperestrogenism ingoats.•When ewes were not grazing there was presence of macroscopic cysts inthe uterus or cervix of (32.7% of the samples). Uterine or cervical cystsand squamous metaplasia or goblet cell hyperplasia of the epitheliumwere observed in 76% of ewe uterine.•Cystic ovarian degeneration in goats of Algeria was associated withgranulosa cell tumor.
  9. 9. •http://www.photographersdirect.com/buyers/stockphoto.asp?imageid=1296982•http://vetscan.co.in/v6n1/84-Cystic-Endometrial-Hyperplasia-Algerian-Goats-Ewes.htmEssi Heikkinen