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Young Living Essential Oils:


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Young Living Essential Oils:

  1. 1. What are Essential Oils? •Life force of a plant •Aromatic liquids distilled from plants •Extremely potent •Very beneficial to the human body •Can be applied topically, inhaled or ingested
  2. 2. Why Young Living? Quality from Seed to Seal
  3. 3. D. Gary Young •Logging Accident at the age of 24 •Young Living Vision – Essential Oils in every home •Young Living Mission: –Wellness –Purpose –Abundance
  4. 4. Nature’s Medicine
  5. 5. How are Essential Oils used? •First Aid •Stress Management •Pain Management •Improving the Quality of Life •Living to Peak Performance
  6. 6. With Young Living, we have choices when we stock our first aid kit and medicine cabinet!
  7. 7. 3 Reasons to Consider Natural Alternatives 1. Drugs have negative side effects. 2. Young Living Essential Oils have given powerful, yet gentle results to both children and adults. 3. Be empowered to help yourself and your family take responsibility for your health.
  8. 8. Pain Relievers Decongestants Antihistamines Cough Syrups
  9. 9. Statements made in this presentation about Young Living Essential Oils have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products and this presentation are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Anyone suffering from disease or injury should consult with a physician. If you are currently on medication, do NOT stop it.
  10. 10. Everyday Oils Collection
  11. 11. Neosporin / Bacitracin Aleve / Motrin Advil Sinus Tylenol PM Unisom Zyrtec / Claritin D Benadryl Calamine Lotion Soothes Cuts / Bruises Cold Sores Insomnia / Relaxation Acne / Rashes Eczema / Psoriasis High Blood Pressure Hair Growth / Dandruff Stretch Marks Relieves Burns / Sunburns
  12. 12. Children’s Tylenol Children’s Motrin Imodium-AD Mucinex Alli Azo Cranberry Colds / Flu Flavor Water Swollen Glands Drains Lymphatics Improves Memory Circulatory Problems Digestive Prolems Obesity Varicose Veins Hypertension
  13. 13. Neosporin / Bacitracin Mederma Scar Away Scar Zone Blister Shield Azo Cranberry Neutrogena Oil of Olay Depression / Trauma Stress / Sadness Wrinkles / Age Spots Acne / Blisters Improves Memory Improves Vision High Blood Pressure Immune Builder Anti-tumoral
  14. 14. Pepto-Bismol Imodium-AD Tums / Rolaids Mylanta Prilosec / Zantac Tylenol / Motrin Beano / Gas-X Midol Headaches Stomach aches Motion / Morning Sickness Heartburn Energy / Alertness Fevers / Hot Flashes Poison Ivy Improves Concentration Digestive Issues
  15. 15. Dayquil / Nyquil Chloraseptic Robitussin Abreva Orajel Lamisil / Lotrimin Vicks VapoRub Nicorette Colds / Flu Sore / Strep Throat Toothache / Teething Cold / Canker Sores Sanitizing Surfaces Insect Bites Kills Airborne Bacteria Kills Black Mold Warts
  16. 16. Calamine Lotion OFF! (Repellent) Bactine Proactive / Clearasil Benadryl Topical Cortaid Cortizone Cortizone-10 Vagisil Air Purifier Bee Stings / Spider bites Pink Eye Ear Infection Insect Bites Insect Repellent Mildew Neutralizes Odors Clean Cuts / Wounds
  17. 17. Advil Ibuprofen Motrin Tylenol Arthritis Bengay Sleep Apnea Eze Breathe Right Strips Back / Joint Pain Emotional Strength Aftershave Arthritis Instill Courage Build Confidence Self Esteem Balances Body Scoliosis
  18. 18. Bengay Mineral Ice Icy Hot / Biofreeze Aleve Thermocare Aspercreme Motrin / Advil Midol Muscle Pain Sports Inuries Sprains Arthritis Inflammation Improves Circulation Bruising
  19. 19. Unisom Tylenol PM Benadryl Stress and Anxiety Zanaprin Stress Fear / Anxiety Calm Children / Pets Colic Uplift Spirits Depression
  20. 20. Basic Starter Kit •Stress Away 5ml with Aromaglide Fitment •Two NingXia Red Samples •Two Sample Packs (Lavender, Peppermint, Peace & Calming, Lemon, Thieves – with sharing business cards) •Getting Started Instructions •Welcome Booklet •Essential Oils at a Glance •Distributor Resources Sheet •S.E.E.D. Booklet $40, 20%, 0 PV
  21. 21. Basic Plus Starter Kit Includes: •Basic Starter Kit •Home Diffuser $75, 30% Discount, 0 PV
  22. 22. Premium Starter Kit Includes: •Basic Starter Kit •Home Diffuser •Everyday Oils Kit Qualifies for 25% Start Living Bonus $150, 37% Discount, 100 PV
  23. 23. Essential Rewards WHY? Reduced Shipping, Rewards Points Month 1-6 = 10% rewards points Month 7-12 = 15% rewards points Month 13 and beyond = 20% rewards points
  24. 24. Home Essential Rewards Kit •Purification 5ml •NingXia Red 30-count •Deep Relief •Thieves waterless hand purifier •Thieves foaming hand soap •Lemon 5ml •Thieves AromaBright Toothpaste •Thieves Dental Floss $139
  25. 25. Wellness Essential Rewards Kit •Longevity softgels •Life 5 Probiotics •NingXia Red 2-pack •Slique Essence $139
  26. 26. Beauty Essential Rewards Kit •Progessence Plus •ART Foaming Cleanser •Boswelia Wrinkle Cream •ART Beauty Masque $139
  27. 27. Balance Essential Rewards Kit •Valor 5 ml •OmegaGize3 •Stress Away Roll-On •Peace & Calming 5 ml •Lavender 5 ml •Frankincense 5 ml $139
  28. 28. Lifestyle Essential Rewards Kit •NingXia Red 2 Pack •Thieves 5ml •Lavender Mint Shampoo •Lavender Mint Conditioner •Stress Away Roll-On $139
  29. 29. You’re Welcome!