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Admissions essay management temple university

An Essay about Yourself

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Admissions essay management temple university

  1. 1. Running head: BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT 1 Business and Management Name: Institution: Date:
  2. 2. BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT 2 Admissions Essay - Management Temple University My vast experience in the financial profession since college has included commercial banking, defined accounting consultancy, and financial brokerage. It has been my goal to evolve through experience in diverse setting, and one of it is to obtain my Masters In Business Administration from the management temple university and later to be part of a prestigious organization dealing with finance. The experience gained from various organizations will eventually allow me to achieve the long-term goal of owning a financial consultancy firm. In selecting MBA, I have always learned to figure out what I would like to do and make a good a career out of it. Eight years ago, before I entered college, I came to realize that I had an interest in business-oriented careers hence looking forward to business presentation and projects. The projects were rewarding and sometimes challenging in my undergraduate course work. Upon graduating, I have worked with a litigation funding company in New York as a senior financial analyst. Besides, I have been a defined contribution analyst in various firms in New York City including Anderson & Stevens. As a senior financial consultant for the past three years, I have developed analytical, problem-solving skills and solid foundation in teamwork. However, while I have a vast experience and being an excellent team player I still require an MBA to enable me to tackle the expansive career opportunities in financial consultancy. Hence, I need a plateau in management temple university to enable me to achieve management and analytical skills necessary in my future endeavors. Being a senior financial analyst at a funding company, I have to learn various aspects of institutions outside consultancy and financial analytical such as system administration and marketing. By attending management Temple University, I will garner exposure to both practices
  3. 3. BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT 3 and theories in the world financial industries and market. I will need to acquire deeper knowledge of management aspects and concepts hence enabling me to tackle real life financial issues and situations associated with the job. It will be my endeavor to gain experience in team building and negotiating skills while avoiding being a tyrant in the workplace. While studying, it will be important for me to understand that a manager should learn to maintain a proper balance of compassion and power. It only by understands this way that I will manage to lead a team of workmates to achieve the desired goals of the firm. It is my dream to seek a position in an organized and prestigious finance institution after successful completion of my MBA program. The basics Temple will have offered me will enable me to excel among my competitors and eventually to be a top of the ladder within the shortest time possible. After graduating and within the advanced institution preparation, I would like to start my new career with financial insurance consultancy and expand my business to consultancy in the area of actuarial and retirement services. My long goal will be expanding my client base across the continent and later move overseas starting with the Asian market, which I see that financial consultancy is still unfounded and very weak. With my ability to converse in Chinese promoted by the lessons offered at Temple University, I would have an advantage in venturing into the Asia market without fear. The MBA will also enable me to be a well-versed leader in international business, which is currently paramount to any successful manager. My three-year professional experience gives no doubt of gaining much confidence in maintaining high personal dedication while studying in Temple Management University. Considering these experiences, I feel prepared and ready to receive education and knowledge in financial setting from temple just as an MBA from Management Temple University will help me achieve my long-term career goals.