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  1. 1. Running head: DRAWING AND PAINTING 1 Drawing and painting Name Course Lecturer Date
  2. 2. DRAWING AND PAINTING 2Drawing can basically be described as an art o making scratches on a surface to render values.Though that is not the only definition, it can also be described as making lines on a surface tocreate an illustration or a visual form. As mentioned, drawing can result from lines and sketcheswhich at the end results as shapes which illustrate what one has in mid. This paper seek to look atdrawing and painting, what is known of painting and drawing and the specific art work in thisfield.Different from painting, drawing differs in a numerous ways since drawing is rough and sketchyand like panting which is refined and one is able to describe paints easily without manycomplications. Drawing normally contain single color and in this case, devices like the hardpencils and the soft pencils are the commonly tools used in sketching.In the field of drawing, it is believed that this is passed from one generation to the other. For thisreason, drawing is viewed as fundamental since it has been used as the primary means intradition several years ago. Different from painting, several artists prefer drawing due to the factthat it acts like that back born in art and therefore everyone has to be perfect in drawing beforebeen perfect in painting the reason why many artists’ are perfected in drawing than painting.Another fundamental reason why drawing has most perfect persons in it that painting is theavailability of drawing materials. In many cases, drawing materials are cheep, available, easy tomake correction as well give room for creativity and like painting which requires one to be moreaccurate since there are no room to try and error.Drawing is believed to be the mother of every art work since one has to come up with a sketchbefore coming up with the final paints one wishes to present. Though some may think that thefield of drawing has no norms and its specifications, it has crucial specifics since when it comes
  3. 3. DRAWING AND PAINTING 3to the function of drawing; drawings are mainly made for a variety of reasons. For example,drawings are created for completely finished artworks.In many cases, artists use drawing to experiment in order to increase their general ability ofdrawing while others use drawing to experiment some task they are undertaking in order to makesure they complete a perfect task.It is believed that drawing can also be learned in class but for those who are perfect in drawing,have it come from them. They have the passion in drawing and it’s like a talent which emergesfrom childhood to adulthood, which is believed to beer fruits if one has interest in it. The factthat drawing come up with final ideals, it’s also used for studies. For instance, artists usedrawings to investigate different aspects of art work which are finally executed in other medium.In other cases, drawing is used to visualize the preliminary idea or first thought for anycomposition. Another thing that makes drawing to be unique is its use for representing finalwork, less expensive, as well a good field to practice for perfection. In the past before the arrivalof photography, people used drawings to keep records that they would not like to forget and thismakes drawing more unique.In the modern days, artists are likely to produce independent finished drawing since many artistsprefer the scale of drawing and on the other hand it’s affordable to most of the artists. Thoughmany people may think that drawing is perfected within no time, not every tool used may resultwith a pleasing outcome since there are special tools used in drawing. For example, differentdrawing tools determine the quality of the finished product.The best the tool used in drawing, the perfect the final product will be. For instance, tools used inthis field are like pen and ink, metal points, chalk, brush and ink pastels among others. In this
  4. 4. DRAWING AND PAINTING 4case, these tools are available to everyone the reason to why drawing has become the chiefmeans of visual study and creative stimulation.PaintingDifferent from drawing, painting is an Artistic expression whereby paint is used o a surface tocreate a pictorial composition. Artists use various media example, Acrylic which is permanentand used with water or plastic vesin, watercolor which is not permanent and can be used withwater or gum Arabic, oil which are permanent and used with linseed oil. Encaustics, fresco, Eggtampera, Gouache are just but other painting media.Painting is totally different from drawing since painting use special paints and like drawingwhich requires basic things which are available. In painting, different paints are used and artistspaint in a number of different ways depending on the kind of pint used. Examples include oil,water color among others are believed to have special characteristics and are applied differently.Different from drawing, paints contain pigments which allow brushing and that the reason why itis easily applicable in the cars. The other difference is that painting is livelier and one can thinkthat it’s a photograph and like drawing which is rough. Due to the livelier that painting broughtover drawing, ancient Greeks and Romans painted their walls and ceilings for decoration andthese become a part of architecture.Though painting is much pleasing, they do not have long life but this can also be determined bypaints used. In other cases, out door paints don’t have long life span since they fade and lossesthe originality in it and like the once indoors which can stay for a long time without change.
  5. 5. DRAWING AND PAINTING 5In conclusion, art has been old and has brought change to many parts of the world. For instanceits through art that well recall some important history and sculptures as well perfection in thefield of architecture which has made the two to have special in mans future sine they arefundamental in many decisions carried out. It is therefore mans obligation to safeguard the fieldof art.