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Political Science Paper Sample


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Political Science Paper Sample

  1. 1. v See more essay samples onESSAYSHARK.COM Political Science Paper Sample SHOULD THE DESCENDANTS OFAMERICAN SLAVES RECEIVE REPARATIONS? EssayShark.com - Online Academic Assistance
  2. 2. v See more essay samples onESSAYSHARK.COMSlaves were brought to America from Africa via European ships and were treated likeproperty and sold as such. African Americans have been involved in a struggle for rightssince 1783, when a move was made by abolitionist to eradicate slavery and put an end to theslave trade. Although slavery was abolished some time ago, there is great controversy overwhether or not the descendants of American slaves should receive reparations. Manyproponents, including Bittker (2007), feel very strongly that reparations should be paid andhave presented a strong case along those lines.African Americans toiled as slaves for over two centuries. Their labor was free, as they werenot paid for their work. They were forcefully taken from their countries and made to live in astrange land under the total control of their white masters. They were estranged from theirfamiliar culture and society. This is just one reason why African American descendantsshould be paid reparations.Slaves were endlessly tortured, and this did not end with slavery. African Americans weresubjected to unjust imprisonment, extreme violence, branding and many were killed. Whiteslave owners were often responsible for the violence against, and murders of, AfricanAmerican men. Once freed, African Americans were also unfairly treated and some believethey are still targeted by white authorities.African American women were treated cruelly as slaves. They were used for breedingpurposes and had to be made available for the whims of their white slave masters. Rapesagainst them conducted by white slave owners were rampant and many children resultedfrom these forced dalliances.Reparations are necessary because of the stereotypes that have resulted from AfricanAmerican slavery. From the beginning of the slave trade, African American slaves wereridiculed while they were being captured, transported, inspected and sold. Their physicalcharacteristics were highlighted as a point of entertainment. The entire race has been made tofeel inferior and their traditions and religions have been subjected to extreme criticism.Millions of African Americans were enslaved to increase the wealth of the world’s richestnations. The Dutch, Irish, British, Spaniards and other Europeans highly benefited from thevileness that was the slave trade. All of these countries condoned and encouraged the use ofAfrican slaves, especially in the colonies that were established in the Americas. As forAmerica itself, even after the abolitionist movement began, the southern states refused to
  3. 3. v See more essay samples onESSAYSHARK.COMabolish slavery. All of these nations should be included in the payment of reparations to thedescendants of African American slaves.African American slaves worked for others and received nothing in return, except for thecruelest treatment possible. After all this time, reparations need to be given to the descendantsof these individuals in order to only begin to compensate for all that their ancestors wentthrough.Native American Indians and Japanese-Americans have had the courtesy of reparations fromthe government for the mistreatment done to them. As mentioned by Torpey& Burkett(2010), it is difficult not to argue that if these groups were deserving of reparations, thenAfrican Americans should also receive something because of their torturous treatment.There are several crucial reasons why descendants of African American slaves should be paidreparations. Although there is nothing that can erase the damage that has been done by thistravesty, a heartfelt apology along with the payment of reparations would go a long way toshow African Americans that this horrific experience is recognized and that it is deeplyregretted by the nations that took part.
  4. 4. v See more essay samples onESSAYSHARK.COM References1. Bittker, B. 2003. The case for black reparations. New York: Random House.2. Torpey, J. & Burkett, M. 2010. The debate over African American reparations. Annual Review of Law and Social Sciences, Vol. 6, pp. 449-467.