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New Samples of Academic Essays on Blog


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Two new essay samples added. Read new essay samples on our blog every week. Learn to write from the best professionals in the field of academic work absolutely free of charge! This week's samples: Laws that Govern Commercial Transactions and Human Population Growth: Feeding 10 Billion People.

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New Samples of Academic Essays on Blog

  2. 2. EssaySharkWhat we do ? Feel pressured with too much academic work and short deadlines? Have you ever considered ordering custom papers online? is a unique online academic assistance service, which allows customers and writers to work together towards a mutually satisfying final product, by communicating directly in chat with no involvement of a third party or support team. The advantages are obvious: our customers can manage their orders independently, from the first stage to the last.
  3. 3. EssaySharkOur Blog also has a blog, where our writers regularly post new samples of their written work on the most popular subjects and topics. This is a great resource of free quality papers to serve as examples of proper academic writing for our customers and visitors. Want to know what kind of samples have been recently posted on our blog? Check out the extracts on the next slides.
  4. 4. EssaySharkLaws that Govern CommercialTransactions The sale of products all over the United States of America is governed by a set of laws called the Uniform Commercial Code. It is to do with any and all goods offered for sale, the purchase of properties, the refusal to accept goods or services for any reason, and the return or refusal of products, even after they have been used for some time. An examination of the definitions and terms of reference of these laws, and the situations in which they are brought into play, will be attempted here. ... Check full sample on our blog
  5. 5. EssaySharkHuman Population Growth:Feeding 10 Billion People Based on the article “Can the World Feed Ten Billion People?” “As living conditions improve for most people all over the world, the population continues to grow. Demographers with a finger on the pulse of human progress make estimates that multiply not only numbers of people that might inhabit Earth in the future, but also predict their ability to feed themselves, and the problems they are likely to face with adequate nutrition, disease, control of climactic effects, space management, and natural disasters. ... Check full sample on our blog
  6. 6. EssayShark Visit our website and blog to check more samples and talk to our writers. By the way, placing an order with is absolutely FREE of charge