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Computer Security and Privacy


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Computer Security and Privacy

  1. 1. v See more essay samples onESSAYSHARK.COM Five-Paragraph Essay Sample COMPUTER SECURITY AND PRIVACY - Online Academic Assistance
  2. 2. v See more essay samples onESSAYSHARK.COMIn the book Web Security, Privacy & Commerce, S. Garfinkel (2002) observes that “Acomputer is secure if you can depend on it and its software to behave as you expect”. This isheld as true by most computer users, whether they sit in the privacy of their own homes orwork in any size undertaking or corporation (Garfinkel 3). All users understand that they takerisks when they use computers, which they attempt to mitigate by putting safety measuresinto place. These measures are becoming increasingly complex and intricate, because makinga server and the data on it secure is neither simple nor straightforward. One hopes to stay astep ahead of the ingenious people who find it a challenge to breach security, no matter howcomplex (Pfleeger, 4). Countermeasures and controls are put into place by those who want toprotect their data, and the predictable ways in which their computers work. Protection ofpersonal and business data is essential, and is made possible by methods such as installationof firewalls and use of encryption.“Few controls are permanently effective” is a realistic but frightening sentence found early inthe book Security in Computing by C.P Pfleeger (2006), who advises frequent checks andmeasures, and regular updating of computer security, to stay ahead of the geniuses who takepleasure in seeking out the exposed and defenceless. One can be forgiven for thinking that themost stringent of measures are the best. Many users adopt a “belt and suspenders” mentalitythat has them putting more than one firewall into place, or installing more than one kind ofvirus protection. There is, however, such as thing as too much defence. It is possible to runthe risk of programs overlapping and disabling each other, or software malfunctioning andleaving the user with no protection at all (Bailey 17).When security settings are too high, the user is practically paralysed, with access limited tovery few choices. Searches are reduced to a few options, and less and less is visible the morestringent the settings become. The point of internet connectivity or belonging to a corporatenetwork is suddenly defeated (Garfinkel 88). While defending personal information fromidentity theft, protecting juveniles from corruption, or insulating business data or assets fromtheft, one must also safeguard and guarantee one’s ability to freely seek and exchangeinformation.The cryptographic foundation of e-commerce is very complicated (Garfinkel 104), becausewhat it protects is of a highly complex and important nature. The sensitive data includesinformation on banking, medical records, and national security data whose violation,
  3. 3. v See more essay samples onESSAYSHARK.COMinterruption, or interception could do widespread or irreparable damage. In addition,“America’s electricity grids, water supplies, computer and cell phone networks and otherinfrastructure are coming under attack” according to General Alexander, the leader of theNational Security Agency (New York Times, 2012) . The managers of this kind of material,and especially essential services, which are not limited to facts and figures, are duty-bound tosafeguard it from theft, interference and digital snooping. Being too lax or blasé can lead todown time at best, or exposure to terrorism and permanent damage in the worst case. Ifsecurity managers take their responsibility too far, on the other hand, it can lead to slow orimperfect operations with reduced access to essential services (Pfleeger 69). Maliciousbehaviour must be balanced by ethical and judicious control.
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