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This short contains the cause of decline of a dwindling creature with little entertaining.
What we are trying....
This is to inform you that Environs Safe Organization has started with the aim of facilitating the life and livelihood of the struggling creatures. It is a well-known fact that creatures like House Sparrows are declining alarmingly all over the world since the last two decades. Their existence is still noted due to their lively social behaviour and tame nature.

One of the important factors for the decline of House Sparrows is lack of nest sites. ESO implemented the erection of Artificial Nest Boxes for House Sparrows and the experiment succeeded on 24th March 2009, when a pair of House Sparrow built their nest inside it (all the reports and visual evidence shall be produced as per requirement).

Environs Safe Organization already started a Project inside Baranagar Kamarhati Municipal Joint Water Works Area (the Authority permitted us vide their letters no 45 and ESO/BM/02/09-10 dt 17.04.09). The erection of Artificial Nest Boxes & Feeding Station programmes were successfully carried out in schedule 12 Nos. of Artificial Nest Boxes & one feeding station was erected inside the area. The recent observation report reveals that sparrows occupied 10 nest boxes. An early winter breeding season had been recorded and chicks did already turn into fledglings. Two Nest Boxes had been occupied by Squirrel and Bat.
According to a random survey done in 2009, 95.1% people opined that house sparrows are declining in Baranagar-Kamarhati Municipal area and 95.7% agreed to conserve the species.

We are beginning to understand how habitat features relate to the abundance of Sparrows and diversity in urban landscapes in our country. We have made valuable observations on the yearly breeding data of house sparrows and this has been a pioneer work in our country.

Over the years the Organization has proved the effectiveness and leadership through Community-based Nest Recording Programs of House Sparrows. As a striking impact of the Research Project (Kalyani Santal para project), the Organization is able to change the common habit of a Tribal community of eating House Sparrows in the way to maintain ecological balance.

A student from the University of Kalyani stood first class in M.Sc in Environment science with her dissertation on House Sparrow observation with the help of the Organization project Field work.
Her success, ESO hopes, will ultimately contribute to the positive change in our own community towards the struggling creatures.

In this research project we will measure Density Population and the causes of decline of house sparrow in suburban, urban and rural areas in different regions in West Bengal so that we can make an Action Plan for their conservation. Thanks.

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  • This video footage, Watch sparrow short (with the logo of eso on right on top) is an initiation of Environs Safe Organization of Kolkata, West Bengal, for saving house sparrow to pay attention to us to develop the personal growth, motivation and confidence to the Environmental Education in schools of Kolkata area. When use please mentions us Environs safe Organization and other information regarding this video please write to:
    Chandan Goswami,
    Author of Watch sparrow Project, ESO.
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