GENN001 Spring 2013 Session #8 interet sources


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GENN001 Spring 2013 Session #8 interet sources

  1. 1. HumanitiesLecture (8) Internet - Free Sources
  2. 2. Search Engines• A software program that searches for sites based on the words that youdesignate as search terms.• It consists of 3 main parts.
  3. 3. Most Popular Search Engines• Google• Yahoo• Bing• Microsoft• Ask
  4. 4. Google’s success comes from their ability to:• organize the pages on the web.• return the most relevant results to any search term.• rank those results to enable you to see the sites you need quickly andeasily.Google Apps and services:• Google Maps• Google Translate• Google Earth• Google Images• Google Video• G-Mail• Others
  5. 5. FreeSourcesSBA OCW NASA Others…Free Sources / Open Sources
  6. 6. Open Course WareIt is a term applied tocourse materials createdby universities andshared freely with theworld via the internet.
  7. 7.  The movement started in 1999 when the University of Tübingen inGermany published videos of lectures online in the context ofits timms initiative. The OCW movement only took off, however, with the launch of MITOpen Course Ware at MIT in October 2002 and has been reinforced bythe launch of similar projects at Yale, Michigan University, and theUniversity of California Berkeley. MITs reasoning behind OCW was to"enhance human learning worldwide by the availability of a web ofknowledge.” MIT also believes that it would allow students to become betterprepared for classes so that they may be more engaged during the class.Since then, a number of universities have created OCW projectsmodeled after MITs, some of which have been funded by the Williamand Flora Hewlett Foundation.
  8. 8. FreeSourcesSBA OCW NASA Others…
  9. 9. National Aeronautics andSpace Administration NASA is the agency of theUnited States governmentthat is responsible for thenations civilian spaceprogram and foraeronautics andaerospace research.
  10. 10. information available through the NASA Web Portalincludes: Agency news. agency activities. organizational information. reports and plans. Curricula and other educations resources for educators. material for students. Games for children. Images, video and interactive media.
  11. 11. Ministry of Finance
  12. 12. Website categories Financial data & statistics. Where you can view The state’sgeneral budget, final accounts data and the public debt andother important statistics. Inflation rates, where you can view graphs and statisticsabout monthly inflation rates. Stock market indicators. Tax, Customs and other forms. E-taxes portal which is still under construction
  13. 13. No advertisements here I could make the company profitable andWikipedia is full of ads when established, but Idecided to do something different. We have madeour best over the past years to achieve our goals atlow costs, leaving the waste for others.”With these words, said Jimmy Wales, founder ofthe famous site informational campaign site for theannual donations to him, to remain without ads.
  14. 14. You can contribute The best about wiki. That it allows anyoneto make modifications on the articlespublished on it even if you arentregistered in…also you have the chance towrite any articles you need and wrongones are corrected by other users of wiki
  15. 15. Disadvantages of wikipediaAn encyclopedia thatanyone can edit,critics argue, is onethat is exposed toendless mistakes.