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Superhero project pt2 (create a hero)


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Superhero project pt2 (create a hero)

  1. 1. The Ultimate Super Hero Montage
  2. 2. What is a superhero?
  3. 3. Lesson 5 Create a Superhero• Create a new Superhero.• Be creative and imaginative.• Work together.• Have fun.
  4. 4. Superheroes have retired. It’s time for a new Superhero.
  5. 5. Design a new superhero
  6. 6. 1. Write notes using the Superhero mind map: Villain Can(do)[Superpowers] History/Motivation Secret Identity (personality/costume) Supername Have (describe) Weakness Is (personality)2. When finished – Describe your Superhero to Andy/Mr Sung and ask for task 2 *******The Best Groups get extra participation points***********
  7. 7. Super Gran
  8. 8. Group Presentation• Advertise your super hero.