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Automating the Document Delivery process with Ease


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In today's results-driven, budget-crunched business climate, it should. And it's why so many companies are utilizing Esker automated solutions to send documents quickly and easily via cloud fax or mail services directly from desktop or enterprise applications.

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Automating the Document Delivery process with Ease

  1. 1. © Esker 2013Document DeliveryFrom Paper to Progress:Automating the Document DeliveryProcess with DOCUMENT DELIVERYDan Reeve May 2013
  2. 2. Join the conversation! Follow #QuitPaper and @EskerInc Document Delivery#QuitPaperAgenda How effective is your document delivery process? Optimizing sending and receiving faxes Eliminating the pain of mailing business documents Customer Examples Q & A
  3. 3. Join the conversation! Follow #QuitPaper and @EskerInc Document Delivery#QuitPaperEfficient. Effective. Effortless.Does this describe how you send documents?Ask yourself this:– How long does it take to send a fax?– How long can it really take to send a letter?– We send faxes and letters all the time.  It doesn’t appear to me that I’m losing time…
  4. 4. Join the conversation! Follow #QuitPaper and @EskerInc Document Delivery#QuitPaperPain? What Pain?• How long does it take to send a fax?– Maybe a minute or three, depending on if someone’salready standing in front of the machine…• How long can it really take to send a letter?– Maybe a couple of minutes, plus a little extra time findinga stamp…• “I send faxes and letters all the time. It doesn’t appear tome that I’m losing time…”
  5. 5. Join the conversation! Follow #QuitPaper and @EskerInc Document Delivery#QuitPaperIt All Adds Up• Sending a single fax or posting a single letter consumesonly a few minutes of employee time.– BUT…what if you have to send larger volumes?• Sending “a couple hundred” faxes or letters can take (afew minutes) X (a couple hundred).– For organizations that require large amounts ofpaper-based information distribution, this cost cangrow quickly.Eliminate the bottleneck by automating the process.
  6. 6. Join the conversation! Follow #QuitPaper and @EskerInc Document Delivery#QuitPaperCompanies Still Use Fax? Fax market growing– Predicted to reach $700 million in 2014• 15.2% annual growth since 2009 Driven by:– Rise of IP– Unified communication initiatives– Regulations (HIPPA, etc)– Production faxing
  7. 7. Join the conversation! Follow #QuitPaper and @EskerInc Document Delivery#QuitPaperWhy Fax is Still Needed Supply chain efficiency– Bundling POs with other documents– Delivery to multiple recipients Does your fax solution help with customer billing?– Bundling invoices with other documents– Subscription lists– Option for customers to receive via postal mail Can your fax solution process inbound customer ordersand vendor invoices?– Intelligent routing and prioritizing– Reporting on process metrics Customer service– Access to documents for dispute resolution– Competitive advantage
  8. 8. Join the conversation! Follow #QuitPaper and @EskerInc Document Delivery#QuitPaperWhy Fax is a Pain to IT Staff Software vendor mergersand acquisitions Products at end of life or nolonger supported Customer support issues Asset management & TCO– Maintenance costs spiralingout of control– Multiple servers– Telephony costs– Telecom charges Stability issues– What Disaster RecoveryPlan? Functional limitations– Scalability to support growth– Status notification– FOIP– Support for virtualizationtechnologies Too much paper– Hard copies– Manual filing
  9. 9. Join the conversation! Follow #QuitPaper and @EskerInc Document Delivery#QuitPaperWhat’s Behind the Move to the Cloud? 80% of IT budgets go tomaintenance Bandwidth and connectivity isthere Integration technology isavailable Security standards (SSL) areproven Tough economic timesdemand cost control andprocess efficiency
  10. 10. Join the conversation! Follow #QuitPaper and @EskerInc Document Delivery#QuitPaperCost of Software vs. SaaS (Cloud Services)On Premise SaaSHardware Purchase 9%Software License 16%SoftwareMaintenanceImplementation &CustomizationHardwareMaintenanceUpgrade Costs20%25%11%19%Initial Set-upTraffic Fee10%65%Hidden CostsCustomization 25%
  11. 11. Join the conversation! Follow #QuitPaper and @EskerInc Document Delivery#QuitPaperDesktop Faxing in the Cloud Send faxes instantly fromdesktop applications Receive faxes in youremail inbox Real-time status andonline archiving
  12. 12. Join the conversation! Follow #QuitPaper and @EskerInc Document Delivery#QuitPaperTo Learn More About… The Benefits of Cloud Faxing Simplifying your ERP Where Fax can take You and Your Company The Mailroom and Mass Mail Process– How you can save time and money on mail services Influential Case Studies More on Cloud CommutingVisit: