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Formalism Photography


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Published in: Art & Photos, Business
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Formalism Photography

  1. 1. Formalism Photography By Eryca Froes and Brianna Aden
  2. 2. Ansel AdamsKnown for his naturalistic approach to photography
  3. 3. Title: Farm workers and Mt. Williamson Date: 1943- Internment of Japanese Americans at Manzanar, California. Element: Texture & Space
  4. 4. Yousuf KarshKnown for his self profits of influential individuals of the time
  5. 5. Title:Ernest Hemingway Date:1957 Karsh referred to Hemingway as “a man of peculiar gentleness, and he attempted to display this gift for capturing the essence of his subjects”. Element: Emphasis
  6. 6. Lewis HineKnown for his "Work Portraits” which demonstrate the working American class in an industrial setting.
  7. 7. Title: Power house mechanic working on steam pump Date: 1920 Element: Unity
  8. 8. Peter EssickKnown for the “Ansel Adams” inspired photographs he contributed to several 2011 issues of National Geographic.
  9. 9. Title: Late summer thunderheads build above Garnet Lake. *Inspired by Ansel Adams Date: 2011 Element: Shapes
  10. 10. Henri Cartier-BressonKnown as the father of photojournalism
  11. 11. Title: Man Jumping Over Puddle, Date: 1932 Element: Balance
  12. 12. Dorothea Lange Best known for her Depression-era work for the Farm Security Administration
  13. 13. Title: Great Depression Date: 1930’s Element: Pattern
  14. 14. Philippe HalsmanMost famously known for his book Halsman on the Creation of Photographic Ideas, where he contributed a lot to the art of photography
  15. 15. Title: Just jump Date:1958 Element: Movement
  16. 16. Elliott ErwittKnown for his photography featuring many different breads of dogs
  17. 17. Title: Paris Date:1989 Element: Space
  18. 18. Title:Rome Date: 1996 Element: Lines
  19. 19. Jacques Henri Lartigue Most famous for his stunning photos of automobile races, planes and fashionable Parisian women from the turn of the century..
  20. 20. Title: Le Jour des Drags auz courses a Auteuil Paris Date:1911 Element: Texture
  21. 21. Alfred Stieglitz
  22. 22. Title: Art of the Beautiful-Grotesque Date: 2000 Element: Rhythm